Provo Seafood Provo Seafood at Five Cays.
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Provo Seafood

Five Cays, Providenciales
The Provo Seafood shopfront.

Provo Seafood is a fishmonger located in Five Cays, Providenciales. They sell fresh and frozen seafood, for both commercial and consumer customers.

They are typically open Monday through Saturday, although it’s advised to confirm Saturday opening times prior to driving there.

Seafood Products

The most popular products are fresh snapper, grouper, and conch. When in season, lobster is popular as well.


Conch for local consumption is available year-round (there are closed seasons for export).

The lobster season is generally open from August until April (exact dates vary year on year).

Grouper (Nassau Grouper) has an open season typically from March until November each year.


These prices are when buying directly from a fishmonger such as Provo Seafood. They are considerably higher when purchased at a local grocery store.

Grouper and snapper are typically sold by weight, and are approximately $8-10 per pound (whole fish), or $14-17 (filleted). Lobster tail is around $14-18 per pound.

Conch prices vary, and typically range from $9-14 per pound.


Whereas Provo Seafood does offer frozen products, their fresh seafood is subject to availability. It’s recommended to visit in the late afternoon (after 3 PM or so) when boats have returned for the day.

If you are looking for specific products, you should call in advance to ensure they have them.

Located in Five Cays

Five Cays is located on the southern coast of Providenciales, and was one of the three original villages on the island. The settlement is largely residential, with a range of small businesses and shops, and is the center of the fishing industry on the island.