Aerial view of jet skis Cruising in the beautiful Caicos Banks on jet skis.
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Floe Lux

Fishing jet skis in the Turks and Caicos
Floe Lux's fishing jet skis.

Floe Lux is a jet ski and fishing charter company, based on the island of Providenciales. The company specializes in guided jet ski tours and jet ski fishing adventures to a number of destinations.

Jet Ski Fishing

Fishing via a jet ski can be quite a fun experience, and there’s a wide range of environments that are accessible, from the barrier reef and bay reefs, to our extensive flats and tidal creeks. It’s of course never predictable what the catch will be, but some fish are definitely more likely. Bottom fishing at the reef can result in mutton snapper, yellowtail, grouper, and much more. When trolling, it’s common to hook cero mackerel, yellowtail snapper, barracuda, and bar jacks, but even larger fish such as kingfish and wahoo are definitely possible.

Jet skis come equipped with fishing equipment, safety equipment, and a cooler. Trips are guided for safety and easy access to the best fishing spots.