Aerial view over Grace Bay Parasailing provides an unforgettable way to experience Grace Bay.
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Captain Marvin's Water Sports

Turtle Cove Marina, Turtle Cove, Providenciales
Parasailing on Grace Bay with Captain Marvin's.

Captain Marvin’s Watersports offers parasailing tours over renowned Grace Bay Beach. The picturesque parasailing experiences include small group and private options. The tours allow you to soar above the sparkling waters of Grace Bay in Providenciales, Turks and Caicos for unforgettable views. Captain Marvin’s has been in operation since 1991 and has flown over 200,000 safe flights. The business owner, Captain Marvin Pratt, has over 30 years of experience flying. His experienced crew members ensure all guests have a safe and fun trip.

Parasailing Tours

Make the most of your trip in paradise with a parasailing tour in Grace Bay. Feel the rush of soaring above the ocean as you take in the aerial views of the world’s most beautiful beach. Parasailing is the perfect way to add more adventure and unforgettable memories to your vacation. As you glide above the water, keep your eyes out for JoJo, the country’s famous wild Atlantic bottlenose dolphin.

You can pick your parasailing group size, with the option to fly solo, with one other person, two people, or three people. Most parasailers opt to ride with someone. The parasailing rides use 1,000 feet of rope, which allows you to fly about 400 to 500 feet above the water. Your fun-filled ride will last about 12 to 15 minutes. Choose your landing, with the option to dip in the water or stay dry and return directly to the boat.

Aerial view over the Grace Bay barrier reef
Yachts off of Grace Bay. Parasailing offers incredible views over the bay, reef, beach, resorts, and yachts.

From start to finish, parasailing tours last about 1.5 hours. Pick-up and drop-off are available in the Grace Bay area, with service to hotels and villas. The parasailing boat can also pick you up at Turtle Cove Marina. Parasailing trips are $85 per person including a 12% government tax. You can enjoy a discount for booking early and direct bookings.

Private tours are another option for group events. If you have a wedding party or group and want to book a private tour, rates start at $950 with 12% tax. The maximum number of guests for private parasailing tours is 12.

Photos and Videos

You’re welcome to capture the thrilling views of parasailing in paradise with your own waterproof or disposable camera. Captain Marvin’s also offers professional photography. For print-worthy photos, you can opt for this add-on that’s shot with a professional Canon camera with a 300mm zoom lens. The cost for photography is $40.00 which includes a digital chip with over 40 high-res shots of your entire adventure. If you want a video of your flying feats, you can get a short video for just $10.00 more.


Captain Marvin’s has safety procedures to make sure all trips go smoothly. The company has USCG and TCI maritime inspected and custom-built boats that enable a smooth parasailing experience. All ages can parasail. Guests younger than 18 must have a parent or guardian sign a liability waiver before flying. The minimum weight per trip is 100 lbs. If a guest is under 100 lbs, they can fly tandem with someone else. Tandem flyers must be under 500 lbs. combined.

Located at Turtle Cove Marina

Turtle Cove Marina is a full-service marina that caters to private vessels and local tour companies. The location is the oldest marina on Providenciales, and is home to many restaurants and shops. The broader Turtle Cove area supports low-density and upscale residences and villas.