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Kiteboarding in the Turks and Caicos.

Grand Turk Kiteboarding

Our Opinion
Although still a viable location, Grand Turk doesn’t quite compare to what the Caicos Islands offer. Due to the consistent east southeast trade winds, the beautiful west coast beaches are not a safe option due to offshore wind.
3 star rating for Grand Turk Kiteboarding by Visit Turks and Caicos Islands

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Professional kiteboarder Hope LeVin on the Turks and Caicos waters.

Home to the country’s capital of Cockburn Town, Grand Turk is a small and low elevation island. All of the island’s popular beaches are found on the west coast, but due to the predictable and consistent eastern trade winds, the wind is usually offshore at these beaches.

As is also the case with kiting on Providenciales, the east coast beaches typically are the best choice for the wind sports. On Grand Turk, there are two such beaches: East Side Beach and White Sands Beach. Both of these coasts have comparatively low levels of surrounding development, and accesses are limited.

Generally, the conditions at the windward islands of Grand Turk, Salt Cay and South Caicos tend to match the forecast a little better than the central Caicos Islands.

Abnormal conditions caused by storms and squalls may change effect wind directions. In such cases, the beautiful west coast beaches and surf spots may become the better kite location.

Cruise Ship Kiteboarders

For kiters visiting on a cruise ship, a little research and planning is necessary to get the most out of your visit. First and foremost is to check the wind forecast to see if it’s worth the attempt.

It makes sense to rent a car for your visit. You’ll be able to check out viable kite spots, and if the wind isn’t blowing, you’ll be ready to explore the attractions and beaches of Grand Turk; our top recommended activity for visitors to the island.

White Sands Beach is within walking distance of the Grand Turk Cruise Center. If you take the direct route across Hawkes Nest Salina (interesting sights of the past Salt Industry along the way), the distance is about 1.2 miles (2km) one way. The distance along the beach (south from the Cruise Center past Boaby Rock Point) is similar. Be sure to take plenty of drinking water.

Unfortunately, there isn’t sufficient time during the typical cruise ship stop to visit the spectacular kite spots in the Caicos Islands.

Lessons and Gear

Unfortunately, there’s very little technical support for kiteboarding on Grand Turk, with no organized schools and instructors. The home of kiteboarding in the country, all kite schools and equipment rentals are based on Providenciales.

If you’re looking to pick up the sport, you should seriously consider staying on Providenciales and learning at the unparalleled kite spot of Long Bay Beach (part of the Caicos Banks).

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Grand Turk only has a few viable and safe kite spots due to the entire west coast usually experiencing offshore wind. Below are the main viable locations.