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Cockburn Town Beach, Grand Turk.

Things to Do on Grand Turk

Cruise Ship Guests

Governor's Beach is the finest beach on Grand Turk.

Cruise ship guests unfortunately don’t have a lot of time on Grand Turk. Ships typically land mid to late morning, and depart mid-afternoon.

To get advice on the best things to do on your stopover, see Recommended Activities and Attractions for Cruise Guests.

It’s a breeze to land. You won’t have to deal with visa, immigration or customs issues, however, you may also be interested in Travel Information for Cruise Guests.


Several beautiful beaches are found on Grand Turk. The sparkling waters and white sand of Governor's Beach is unmatched, but Cockburn Town Beach and the Cruise Center Beach (SunRay Beach) are also excellent.

All beaches and coasts in the Turks and Caicos up to the high tide mark are public and free-to-access. You don’t have to pay up to enjoy a non-existent “private beach”.

Snorkelling and Diving

Diving on the barrier reef of off Grand Turk.

Grand Turk is a world-renowned diving destination. Abrupt and sheer wall sites, where the depths drop from around 40 feet (12m) into the thousands, offer vibrant coral and varying marine life. You won’t waste time on long boat rides either, as many of the best sites are only minutes from shore.

Snorkelling is a bit of a mixed situation. There are definitely spectacular sites to be found, but most are too far off the coast to swim out to. A boat snorkelling cruise can get you to some great sights, or check out our snorkelling page for details on what can be seen from the beach.


More so than the other islands in the country, many of Grand Turk’s attractions are of historical interest. The Grand Turk Lighthouse, Turks and Caicos National Museum, and old Her Majesty's Prison are great places to visit, and the oceanfront historical Cockburn Town offers remnants of British-Bermudian Colonial architecture.

Gibbs Cay

One of the many stingrays at the shallow waters of Gibbs Cay.

Found off the east coast of Grand Turk, the small and scenic Gibbs Cay is another highlight of the area. At this small and uninhabited sea oat-covered island, friendly wild stingrays swim up to meet visitors.

You’ll be able to snorkel with these majestic sea creatures in their natural environment, an all-too-rare encounter with wild animals. For those who may be unsure in the water, the white sands of the beach here and the views from the bluffs are also draws.


Although only a winter season activity, humpback whale watching is another interesting activity. The southern-most migration point for many western Atlantic humpbacks, the whales journey to banks around the Turks and Caicos and Dominican Republic to mate and give birth.

It’s not predictable, however the opportunity to snorkel with these giant marine mammals may present itself. Swimming in the spectacularly blue ocean with whales is an unforgettable experience.


Last but definitely not least is simply getting out and exploring.

Grand Turk is an excellent place to discover by car, golf car or scooter. The island is small, it’s almost impossible to get lost, there are no dangerous areas, and there are many interesting sights and beaches to find.

The historical oceanfront district of Cockburn Town.