The far southern point of Grand Turk.
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Boaby Rock Point Grand Turk

Beach Information
Do Not Touch Fish or Coral
No Fishing
No Lifeguard
No Littering
No Open Fires
Editor's Comments
The south point of Grand Turk, this beach is great place to walk to from the Cruise Center if you want a little seclusion.
3 star rating for Boaby Rock Point by Visit Turks and Caicos Islands
The beach at Boaby Rock Point, Grand Turk.

Boaby Rock Point is the southernmost point of Grand Turk, and a decent and secluded beach that’s within walking distance of the Grand Turk cruise port. The coast here offers patches of white sand and turquoise ocean water interspersed between low rocky outcroppings. Casuarina trees line the coast, providing welcome shade.

Swimming conditions at this beach are not quite as nice as at the Cruise Center Beach (SunRay Beach) and Governor's Beach, yet the beachcombing is far superior due to ocean topography and waves, the coast sees fewer visitors, and there's some beautiful snorkeling. The point is a third of a mile (.5km) walk from the Grand Turk Cruise Center. After the point (Boaby Rock Point), the beach continues on as White Sands Beach.


Sea fans and coral at the Boaby Rock Point reefs.

When conditions are calm, two of the best shore snorkeling spots on Grand Turk can be found 700 feet (213 meters) feet and 900 feet (274 meters) feet up the eastern coast from the point.

Here, two mid-sized reef systems start in very shallow water and extend out about 300 feet (91 meters) from the beach. There are quite a few different types of coral thriving on the reefs, as well as yellow sea fans and vibrant fish life.

The area isn’t usually very inviting from the beach due to rocks, large amounts of seaweed and flotsam. Also due to the copious volume of seaweed, the water in the area directly off the beach can have a greenish tint. However, if it isn’t too choppy, the rewards are well worth the effort.

Getting to Boaby Rock Point

It’s possible to walk the .34 miles (.5 km) south (right if you’re looking to the beach from the cruise ship) from the Grand Turk Cruise Center to Boaby Rock Point.

Although the roads can be a little difficult to find, it’s also possible to drive to this beach. An unpaved road follows on the west side of Hawkes Nest Salina (the large salt flat near not far from the Cruise Center) to the beach. You’ll know you’re the right road if you pass the Mountain Air Helicopters helipad.

Snorkeling Map

Map & Location

Beach Accesses

Snorkelling Reef Access
The access closest to the snorkelling reef.
South Point Access
The access near the extreme south point of Grand Turk.
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