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A Grand Turk boat cruise at Gibbs Cay.

Grand Turk Boat Cruises

Our Opinion
Grand Turk unfortunately doesn’t have the plethora of pristine and uninhabited beach and cay destinations that Providenciales and the Caicos islands have, but a boat cruise is nevertheless a great way to spend the day.
3 star rating for Grand Turk Boat Cruises by Visit Turks and Caicos Islands
French grunt and Squirrelfish on the reef.

Boat cruises are an excellent way to experience the pristine water, marine environment, beaches and reefs of Grand Turk.

The vast majority of tourism on Grand Turk revolves around the cruise ships, and consequently boat cruises can get crowded when a cruise ship is in.

Several of the local boat cruise operators have signed-up to offer bookings through the cruise line, and of course you can reserve directly with a local company.


The best snorkelling spots of Grand Turk can only be reached by boat, so if you’re looking to do some underwater exploring, we definitely recommend that you take one of the dedicated snorkelling tours offered by one of the local dive companies.

During the January to April winter months, you may be able to have the unforgettable experience of snorkelling with migrating Humpback Whales.

Gibbs Cay

The beach at Gibbs Cay, Turks and Caicos.

The little stingray haven of Gibbs Cay is the most popular destination for cruises. Found a few miles off the east coast of Grand Turk, friendly Southern Brown Stingrays here flock to any boat that lands on this small island's beautiful beach.

These stingrays freely interact with people, and offer a rare chance to see wildlife close-up.

Most boat excursions to Gibbs Cay also stop at some of the excellent snorkelling sites in the area, so tours to the cay are multi- activity and will appeal to all ages.

Reservations and Booking

If you're coming on a cruise, book in advance to ensure a spot. If you're an overnight visitor, call in advance to arrange a trip, as there are few stay-over visitors on Grand Turk and boat trips are limited when a cruise ship is not in port. It's possible of course to arrange a private charter, but costs will be higher.

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