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At the edge of The Hole, Providenciales.

The Hole

Sea Sage Road, Long Bay, Providenciales
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Our Opinion
The name of this sight is an excellent description of what you’ll see. It’s simply a big natural hole in the ground with brackish water at the bottom. Due to the crumbly nature of the soft limestone rock walls, this area is unsuitable for rock climbing. There are no paths, guardrails, or entrance fees.
3 star rating for The Hole by Visit Turks and Caicos Islands

The Hole is a natural limestone sinkhole located in the Long Bay Hills area of Providenciales. This formation has a rough diameter of 50 feet, and a depth of about 60 feet to the brackish water below. The Hole appears to be tidal, and is probably somewhat connected to the ocean.

The Hole is a sixty foot deep natural formation with brackish water at the bottom.

Like nearly all the sink holes, blue holes and caves found in the Turks and Caicos, The hole was created by what is called the Karst process: the slow action of slightly acidic rain water dissolving the soft limestone as it drained to the water table. Many such sink holes are found throughout the country, but no other above water example comes close to the size and depth of The Hole.


The hole does not have any designated paths or safety handrails, so the risk of falling in is great. Take great care when visiting with children.

Most of the side walls are composed of soft crumbling limestone, so attempts at climbing the walls could be quite dangerous.

We strongly advise against swimming in or jumping into The Hole due to hidden submerged rocks, falling rock, trash, and the difficulty in getting back out.

Much of the surrounding limestone is soft and crumbling.


The Hole is located in the Long Bay Hills area of Providenciales. Take Long Bay Highway off of Leeward Highway. After nearly one mile, turn right onto Seasage Drive. The Hole is found half a mile down this road on the left. A small sign attached to a telephone pole indicates the spot.

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General information for the Long Bay area

This area is found on the southeast of Providenciales. With the exception of a new condominium project, Long Bay is almost entirely a residential area with both private homes and rental villas. The higher elevation interior region of this area is sometimes referred to as Long Bay Hills.