Smith's Reef is a popular glass bottom boat cruise destination.

Providenciales Semi-submarine/Glass Bottom Boat

The vibrant barrier reef.

For those that don’t want to get their toes wet, a glass-bottom or semi-submarine boat cruise can be the perfect activity.

Keep in mind that several classes of vessel may be considered a “glass bottom” boat. Some boats, typically referred to as a “semi-submarine”, offer a submerged hull with full height and wrap around windows, seating, and air conditioning.

Other cruises provided little more than a flat pane or two in the hull. We’re definitely not advising against these options as additional snorkelling or secluded beach visits are usually included, but be aware of what your selected excursion offers.

Snorkelling (and diving too!) are not always suitable for younger children, so a glass bottom boat adventures can be the best way for kids to experience the reefs and marine wildlife of the Turks and Caicos.

Sights and Wildlife

Most cruises visit the interior bay reefs of Smith's Reef and Grace Bay.

Turtles, stingrays, eagle rays and the occasional shark are the typical large wildlife sightings. Colourful reef fish are plentiful on our reefs, and included parrot fish, angelfish wrasse, jacks, French grunts and more.

Near the Caicos barrier reef, it’s possible to see spur and groove reef formations where the sandy Grace Bay blends into the reef and wall.

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