The floating docks at Heaving Down Rock Marina.
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Heaving Down Rock Marina (Walkin Marina)

Aerial of Heaving Down Rock Marina.

Located on the eastern coast of Providenciales, Heaving Down Rock Marina, (also known as Walkin Marina) functions as a departing port for small passenger ferries, and as a home for both tour boats and private vessels.

The North Caicos and South Caicos Passenger Ferry

The two passenger ferry services, Caribbean Cruisin' and MV My Girl, leave from the general vicinity. These ferries are commonly used when taking a day trip from Providenciales.

Caribbean Cruisin’ operates inside the marina, with an established office and waiting area.

MV My Girl simply docks outside the marina, basically at the turn-around where Leeward Highway concludes at the ocean.

Luggage and Cargo for the Ferry

It’s possible to unload a vehicle quite close to where the ferries depart, and doing so is advisable when traveling with large amounts of luggage. There is ramped access to the boats.

Parking Fees

There is now a parking (and entrance fee) for customers of the ferry, local businesses, and the marina. 'Standard Parking' is parking in a dirt field a short (1 minute walk) from the ferry port. 'Premium Parking' is generally on asphalt next to the pier itself.

There is no uniformed parking attendant at the complex and receipts are not issued. Upon entry, you will be approached by a person wearing street clothes (sometimes dressed in camouflage and a balaclava) asking for money (the parking fee).

Walkin Marina Parking Fees
Pick-up or drop-off $1.00
Standard Parking - Hour $1.00
Standard Parking - Day $5.00
Premium Parking - Hour $2.00
Premium Parking - Day $10.00

Getting Here

Boats moored at Heaving Down Rock Marina, Providenciales.

Heaving Down Rock Marina is found near the eastern conclusion of Leeward Highway. Simply drive east on the highway and you’ll eventually arrive at the site. It’s about three miles (4.8 km) from the roundabout near Grace Bay (where Leeward Highway constricts from a four-lane highway to a two-lane road).

If in the Leeward residential region of Providenciales, simply take a left out of the southern entrance gates. The marina is a short 0.4 mile (0.6 km) drive away.

When you’re close to the marina, on your right you’ll pass the former Caicos Conch Farm location.


Mako Watersports
Mako Watersports is a jet ski, SUP eco-tour, and wakesports rental company located in the picturesque Leeward area of Providenciales. Visit amazing beaches, incredible turquoise waters, mangrove wetlands, the La Famille Express Shipwreck or get some breathtaking clear kayak photos.
Caribbean Cruisin'
Located at Heaving Down Rock Marina on the east end of Providenciales, Caribbean Cruisin' is the primary passenger ferry service operator in the country, with routes from Providenciales to North and South Caicos. They also provide jet ski rentals and tours, boat charters, and excursions, and water sports.
The South Caicos Ferry
This small passenger ferry is the only ferry service between Providenciales and South Caicos. It travels between Walkin Marina near Heaving Down Rock and Cockburn Harbour.
MV My Girl Ferry Service
This ferry service travels between Heaving Down Rock on Providenciales and Bellefield Landing on North Caicos. We recommend calling ahead to verify the schedule.