Six Hills Cays in the shallow Caicos Banks.
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Six Hills Cays

Turks and Caicos
Six Hills Cays, Turks and Caicos.

The Six Hills Cays are two small, unique, and isolated limestone islands, located in the eastern Caicos Banks. The cays are a narrow strip of marine limestone, with six distinct hills, and a channel between them that divides the two cays.

The cays are typically only visited on occasion by fishermen from South Caicos, as the leeward side of the rocks offers sheltered waters during typical eastern trade winds.

Terrain and Environment

One of the most striking features of the Six Hills Cays is the high density of mule pear cacti that grow on the upper reaches of the bluffs. Combined with the weathered and sharp limestone spikes, the cay is quite impenetrable.

Six Hills Cays coastline
The view from the western side of the Six Hills Cays.

The sheltered north-western side of the cays consists of cliffs, and Karst Process flank margin cave features are apparent at many locations where the ocean and elements eroded into the caves.

Beautiful and interesting snorkeling surrounds the islands. The water clarity is typically excellent in the area, and due to the proximity of the Turks Islands Passage and its deep water, some rather large and imposing sea creatures can occasionally be spotted in the water near the Six Hills Cays and Long Cay, including the manta rays, hammerhead sharks, and tiger sharks.

Sights and Attractions

Snorkeling near cliffs at the Six Hills Cays in Turks and Caicos
Snorkeling off the northwest side of the Six Hills Cays.

When combined with the likewise scenic Long Cay and Fish Cay, which are located to the east, the Six Hills Cays are a great place to visit by boat from Providenciales or South Caicos. The trip out from Providenciales can be relatively long, yet the destination is well worth the journey, especially on low-wind days.

In the general region of the Six Hills Cays is Long Cay, and Fish Cay. These two exquisite islands offer beautiful beaches, populations of our Turks and Caicos Rock Iguana, and scenic vistas. Long Cay is particularly breathtaking, and from the tops of the bluffs on the cays there’s a marked contrast between the deep blue waters of the Turks Island Passage, and the shallow turquoise of the Caicos Banks.

No charter companies regularly visit the area, so all trips will be custom adventures, and not all charter captains are willing to make the trip out.

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