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The limestone islands of Three Marys Cays, North Caicos.

Three Marys Cays

Beach Information
Do not touch fish or coral
No Fishing
No Lifeguard
No Littering
No Open Fires
Rough Roads
Our Opinion
This secluded area is a great place to explore. It can be a bit confusing to find, so check out our maps.
4 star rating for Three Marys Cays by Visit Turks and Caicos Islands
The turquoise and blue waters .

Three Marys Cays are three limestone ironshore rocks found close off the north coast of North Caicos. The general area is quite scenic and uninhabited, making it a popular spot to visit for day trips, picnics and beachcombing.

Like much of the coastline on the island, water conditions are typically mild and perfect for swimming. There can be a little floating seaweed at times, but rarely enough to be bothersome.

This area is bordered by the beautiful Hollywood Beach to the east and Sandy Point Beach to the west.


Three Marys Cays, North Caicos.

The snorkeling from shore on North Caicos isn’t great compared to the other main island in the country, however, this location is the top easily accessable spot on the island and small amounts of coral, small colourful reef fish and the occasional stingray can be seen.

Conditions here vary and on some days it’s totally unsuitable for snorkeling due to poor visibility caused by wind light surf.

Getting to Three Marys Cays

Don't miss the small sign to Three Marys Cays!

Until recently, Three Marys Cays could only be reasonably accessed from the Whitby part of North Caicos, but due to road improvements, it’s now easiest to drive from Sandy Point.

Follow the road out of Sandy Point Marina for two thirds of a mile and then turn left onto the unpaved road (No name or sign at this time, and newly resurfaced. You’re on the right road if you can drive more than a thousand feet). Continue for 1.85 miles, and you should see the small sign for Three Marys Cays on your left. Turn on to this one lane track and follow for 2000 feet to Three Marys Cays. This track will have an abrupt left, and then a right before arriving at the cays.

Three Marys Cays can be a little difficult to find, so don’t miss the small sign.

Map & Locations


Beach Accesses

Main Access
This is the main access for Three Marys Cays.