the small Super Value grocery store in central Cockburn Harbour on South Caicos Super Value Supermarket, South Caicos.

Discover Shopping on South Caicos

Wilson's Variety of Cockburn Harbour, South Caicos.

South Caicos isn't a major tourist destination and as such has little in the way of tourist souvernir shopping.

There are numerous local convenience and grocery stores on the island, mostly in the Cockburn Harbour area.

If you're planning on spending more than a day here, you may want to buy any specialized products from Providenciales. There's no problem finding groceries, but the selection can be a bit limited beyond that.

Cham-B Groceries
Found in central Cockburn Harbour near the main ferry dock, this little grocery store offers one of the largest selections of supplies on the island. Although mainly stocking dry goods, there is a small selection of fresh produce, dairy, and meats available. One of the best places on the island for purchasing cold drinks or snacks. Also provides bicycle rentals.
Johnny's Grocery
Johnny's Grocery is a small grocery and variety store located in north-eastern Cockburn Harbour, South Caicos. Johnnie’s sells both dry goods and fresh vegetables and fruits. For residents and visitors, Johnny is able to special order goods and perishables.
Seaview Supermarket
The largest grocery shop on South Caicos, Seaview Supermarket carries a selection of dry goods, refrigerated and frozen foods, general supplies, and limited selection of hardware products. Located quite close to the main dock in Cockburn Harbour.
Super Value Supermarket
This is the main grocery store on South Caicos, and sells a range of both canned and fresh foods, drinks, and basic electronics.
Surely Goodness
Surely Goodness is a variety and souvenir shop located in eastern Cockburn Harbour. The store’s proprietor Tasha Lewis sells dry goods and handmade souvenirs from the island of South Caicos.
Wilson's Variety Store
Found in Cockburn Harbour within easy walking distance of the main ferry dock, Wilson’s Variety Store carries dry goods, basic pharmaceuticals and cold drinks.
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