An interCaribbean Airways Embraer EMB-120 Brasilia at the Providenciales International Airport.
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19 Old Airport Road, Downtown, Providenciales

InterCaribbean Airways has been serving the Turks and Caicos Islands since 2013, and in recent years has expanded its services to many destinations in the Caribbean region. Based in the Turks and Caicos, the passenger airline’s motto is “Connecting you and the Caribbean,” which it has proven to do as it provides air services to more cities across the Caribbean than any other airline in the region.


InterCaribbean’s fleet includes ERJ145 50-passenger jets and 10 30-seat Embraer 120 aircraft equipped with lavatories, a galley, and flight attendant service. The company also has a nine-seat Britten Norman Islander and continually adds more aircraft to its fleet over time.

Flights and Reservations

With two main hubs—one in Providenciales and the other in Tortola, British Virgin Islands—interCaribbean has flights that regularly service more than 15 countries, including the Bahamas, Cuba, Jamaica, St. Lucia, and Guyana.

For tickets, the airline offers three brackets of fares: the Flex Fare, the Best Fare, and the Saver Fare. The Flex Fare offers the most flexibility as it is refundable and valid for a full 365 days. Meanwhile the Best Fare is non-refundable, yet valid for 180 days, but there is a change fee that is incurred if a ticket change is required. Similarly, the Saver Fare is also non-refundable, with a change fee, but is only valid for 90 days. The Saver Fare is also limited in availability, so to get the best price for tickets, it is recommended to purchase well in advance. All fare brackets offer free seat selection, and it is important to note that a round trip is required for the fares to be applicable.

Child Flyers

InterCaribbean is a self-described “kid-friendly” airline, offering children older than 14 days and younger than 2 years to travel for free on an adult’s lap. A boarding pass isn’t required for infants, but they do require a Boarding Verification Document, which is provided by the airline. Unaccompanied children ages 5 through 11 are also accepted, with proof of their age required. When a flight arrives at its final destination, a flight attendant escorts the unaccompanied child off the aircraft before releasing them to the person designated on the Unaccompanied Minor form or another interCarbbean Airways employee.

Checked Baggage

It’s important to note that InterCaribbean’s baggage policy is different than many North American and European carriers. Carry-on sizes are smaller, and many bags that qualify as carry-on on other airlines don’t qualify as such on InterCaribbean. In addition, there is a weight limit of 44 pounds (20 kg) instead of the usual 50 pounds (23 kg) for normal checked bags, and additional checked bags cost $75.

Loyalty Program

InterCaribbean Embraer 120 Brasilia flying over Providenciales
An interCaribbean Embraer 120 Brasilia

For those who like to be rewarded for their patronage, interCaribbean also offers a loyalty program known as Cacique Rewards. The word “Cacique” is a title that was given to the Chiefs, or leaders, of the indigenous communities around the Caribbean and in parts of South America. The Caciques were high-ranking men and women in their communities, and as such interCaribbean chose this title for its loyal customers.

The Cacique Rewards program is not only for frequent fliers, but also for those who are flying less often, because the reward points never expire. Therefore, the points will always be ready to use whenever the opportunity to take a flight comes up. Cacique is also the name of the airline’s in-flight magazine that features articles regarding interCaribbean’s many destinations. Copies are available on flight, but can also be found at the check-in counter, as well as online.

When it comes to preparing for your flight, with domestic flights, interCaribbean recommends checking in at least 30 minutes before boarding time. Meanwhile, for international flights, it is recommended that everyone is checked in at least one hour prior.

Located in Downtown

Downtown is located in central Providenciales and close to the airport. Many government offices, the post office, a number of small restaurants and shops, a sports center, and a supermarket are located in this region. The largely residential Kew Town is adjacent to the northwest.