kayak on the tranquil waters of Half Moon Bay lagoon Kayaking at Half Moon Bay in the Princess Alexandra National Park.
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Providenciales National Parks Map

Princess Alexandra National Park
This highly important coastal and marine protected area is off the north coast of Providenciales and includes Grace Bay Beach, The Bight Beach, The Bight Reef, Leeward Beach, Smith’s Reef, and a large portion of the northern barrier reef of Providenciales. This area also includes the iguana sanctuary of Little Water Cay and the wetlands islands of Mangrove Cay and Donna Cay.
Chalk Sound National Park
Chalk Sound is a brilliant turquoise lagoon filled with hundreds of little rocky islands. On calm days, this is an excellent location for kayaking and paddle boarding. Many residential and rental villas are located here, along with the beautiful Sapodilla Bay and Taylor Bay beaches.
Northwest Point National Park
The remote and rugged limestone coastline of Northwest Point offers countless small coves and cliffs to explore. A great place to spend an afternoon, the interior ponds here are some of the best birdwatching spots on Providenciales. An especially impressive spot when the ocean swell is high.
Frenchmans Creek and Pigeon Pond Nature Reserve
Frenchman’s Creek and Pigeon Pond Nature Reserve is the largest section of protected land on Providenciales and covers an area that’s roughly two by four miles. Several different types of local terrains are represented here, including mangrove wetlands, sandy beaches, sea cliffs and inland saline ponds.
Cheshire Hall Plantation
This quiet site is a window into the past of the Caicos Islands. Situated on a hilltop near the downtown area, Cheshire Hall offers the best-preserved plantation era ruins on Providenciales. Built by Loyalist planter Thomas Stubbs in the late 1700s, this site produced cotton and sisal for export.
Sapodilla Bay Hill Rock Carvings
Found on a little hill overlooking South Dock, Sapodilla Bay Beach and Chalk Sound, this historical site still bears inscriptions from travelers and shipwrecked sailors from time past. There’s not much left of the centuries-old rock carvings, but the views from this point are spectacular and are definitely worth the hike.