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sunny day at East Bay Beach on South Caicos East Bay, South Caicos.

Beaches of South Caicos

turquoise ocean water fronting the East Bay Resort on South Caicos
East Bay Beach and resort.

Although a bit more weather beaten than the beaches of Providenciales, South Caicos is home to quite a few beautiful coastlines.

East Bay and Long Beach (Sailrock Beach) are the finest coasts for general swimming on South Caicos, and offer clear crystal turquoise water and white sand.


South Caicos is definitely home to varied and vibrant marine life, and exquisite snorkelling sites can be found at many beaches, however most sites are highly weather-dependent.

When conditions are calm, Shark Bay (Gannaway Bay), Highlands Bay, and Long Beach (Sailrock Beach) offer the best sites.

Beachcombing and Hiking

The eastern beaches and coastal cliffs of South Caicos is one of the greatest hiking and landscape photography regions in the Turks and Caicos.

White marine limestone cliffs, reaching heights of about thirty feet in places, hide small coves and beaches. Highlands Bay and Valley Bay Beach are two of the larger beaches in this area. In addition to these sites, the ruins of Highland Estate and livestock wells can be seen inland close by.

The extreme northern point of South Caicos, Plandon Cay Cut offers truly unparalleled water hues, with breath taking ranges of blue, turquoise and topaz. Several different natural geological actions account for the amazing palette here.

The entire east coast of the island is perfect for flotsam beachcombing. Because of the adjacent Turks Islands Passage and an unusual upwelling that takes place in the area, there is always interesting and strange finds to be had.

Beach Accesses

Due to the largely non-existent tourism market on South Caicos, road signage and developed beach accesses are absent.

Other than East Bay, all beaches on the island tend to be difficult to find and many are only accessible by unpaved (and easily overlooked!) roads and tracks. We advise printing our South Caicos map for reference.

Key Points

  • Several of the beaches on South Caicos are difficult to access. Many are down rough dirt tracks that require a 4x4 to navigate.
  • All accesses to the beach are free.
  • All beaches are public, including beaches in front of resorts and private residences.
  • Fishing without a licence or in National Parks is illegal and carries significant fines and possible jail time. This includes collecting conch and lobster.
  • Secluded beaches carry an increased risk of crime, both to person and property. Don't leave valuables in your car or on the beach unattended. Read our Safety and Crime section for more information.
  • Some beaches are very remote and there may not be any other people around to provide assistance in an emergency. Exercise caution and be aware of currents, surf conditions and hidden hazards.
Long Beach (Sailrock Beach)
Located on the eastern coast of South Caicos, Long Beach is the best beach on South Caicos. It's a little difficult to access, but offers a 1.2 mile (2 km) beach perfect for walking and beach-combing and good for swimming.
East Bay
East Bay is the most popular beach on South Caicos simply due to its ease of access. It's located on the southern coast, near to several villas and the East Bay Resort. The beach occasionally has seaweed and flotsam washed ashore.
Plandon Cay Cut Beach
Plandon Cay Cut, located on the northern tip of South Caicos, offers one of the finest landscape views in the entire country. You'll look directly across a short channel to East Caicos, and due to the varying depths of the water, you'll see water from a deep blue to light turquoise in colour. The beach is good but a bit difficult to access.
Bell Sound
Bell Sound, as its name suggests, is a sound on the northern coast of South Caicos. It's nice for walking, but due to the relatively shallow water and slightly silty sand, it isn't recommend for swimming.
Shark Bay (Gannaway Bay)
Shark Bay is located on the southern coast of South Caicos, near to the cemetery. Like the nearby Highlands Bay, this beach isn't too good for swimming, and part of the beach is quite rocky.
Valley Bay Beach
Valley Bay Beach is a very scenic area, but is the most difficult to access of all beaches on South Caicos. It's generally not possible to access unless you have a 4x4 and are willing to walk 1000 feet (300 m) through scrub brush. It's included in our list for completeness.
Highlands Bay
Highlands Bay is a small bay that's very difficult to access. It's located on the south-eastern coast of South Caicos. The beach isn't good for swimming, but there's always a large amount of flotsam washed ashore.