The waves of Shark Bay, South Caicos.
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Shark Bay (Gannaway Bay)

South Caicos
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No Lifeguard
No Littering
No Rock Balancing
Risk of Falling
Hidden Dangers
Remote Location
Rough Roads
Dangerous Currents
Editor's Comments
This rough and weather-beaten coast is an interesting place to hike. The swimming and snorkeling conditions are often suboptimal, however, due to the choppy ocean conditions. Interesting flotsam can be found on the beach and in the crevices along the rocks and low cliffs.
4-star rating for Shark Bay (Gannaway Bay) by Visit Turks and Caicos Islands
The coast here is quite rugged.

Shark Bay (also known as Gannaway Bay) is a coastal area on the southeast end of South Caicos. Two coves with small 250-foot (75 m) wide beaches are found here.

This area does not experience a disproportionate number of the toothy hunters, as it was likely named after a long-forgotten shark sighting from many years ago.

Generally a poor swimming and snorkeling location, this region however excels as a hiking and beachcombing site. From the high bluff to the east, ospreys can be seen gliding by and the ocean below hides vibrant reefs.

The hardy Turks and Caicos donkeys may also be spotted in the nearby light vegetation.


Varied and fascinating flotsam washes ashore at this and other east coast beaches. You’ll typically find small fishing net floats, light bulbs of every type, and even the occasional message in the bottle.


The surf at Shark Bay.

During abnormally calm conditions, very interesting snorkeling is found in a few places off of Shark Bay. The best sights are found surrounding the small peninsula to the east.

Wind speeds over 10 mph (16 km/h) usually result in breaking waves and general choppiness in the region.

Getting Here

It’s a scenic journey to find this beach. The roads can be a little rough in places, so a low-clearance vehicle will not be suitable.

From the Cockburn Harbour area, follow the southern salina road past Salterra Resort & Spa (the road becomes unpaved here). After you pass the small inlet canal to the interior salt ponds at the southeastern side of the main salina, keep right. After a short distance, various tracks on your right lead to the ocean.

Highland House overlooking Shark Bay.