The gas pump at Seaview Marina.
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Seaview Marina

Stubb's Street, Cockburn Harbour, South Caicos
The waterside at Seaview Marina.

Seaview Marina is a small dock in the main settlement of Cockburn Harbour on South Caicos. The complex largely serves the island’s small-scale commercial fishing industry, yet also supports the occasional cruiser and yacht as well.

Amenities and Services

The services provided by Seaview Marina are a bit more limited than those found at the more extensive Providenciales marinas.

Both gasoline and diesel fuel is available. Pricing is decent and follows local rates at roughly $5 per gallon for gasoline, and about $5.50 for diesel (2020).

Fresh water and 110 volt electric power is also available.

Repair and service facilities are quite limited on South Caicos, and most issues will have to be handled on Providenciales.

Entry and Navigation

It’s quite simple to navigate into Cockburn Harbour and Seaview Marina from the Columbus Passage side of South Caicos, as water depth is good between Long Cay and Dove Cay. The depth gradually decreases as further into the Caicos Banks, and fluctuates between 6-10 feet (2-3 m) outside the harbor. Depths at the docks may be as little as 3 feet (1 m).

It’s likewise possible to approach South Caicos from the western Caicos Banks and Providenciales side, yet navigation across the banks may be a little difficult for vessels with much draft due to the shoals and shallows.

We highly advise that cruisers reference current navigation charts when in the Turks and Caicos due to the countless hazards in our waters.

Call ahead on VHF Channel 16 for advice and details.

Anchoring Locations

Gas pumps at the Seaview Marina.

An excellent and sheltered anchoring location can be found near Cockburn Harbour in the lee of Long Cay. This site is in the Admiral Cockburn Land and Sea National Park, and is one of the most scenic coastal settings in the Turks and Caicos.

Great anchoring locations can be found less than one mile from Seaview Marina. See Yachts and Cruising for information on anchoring licenses and fees.

Shopping and Supplies

A small counterpart grocery and general goods store, Seaview Supermarket, offers supplies, food, and cold drinks. See South Caicos Shopping for information on other stores on the island.

Any specialty supplies, food or parts will likely have to be sourced from Providenciales, which supports a far wider range of shops and stores.

Map & Location

Located in Cockburn Harbour

Cockburn Harbour is the capital of South Caicos, located on the southwestern coast. This is mostly a quiet fishing village, home to the majority of the island's residents. More about Cockburn Harbour →