Provo Air Center in the Turks and Caicos Provo Air Center, at the Providenciales International Airport.
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Provo Air Center

Old Airport Road, Downtown, Providenciales

Provo Air Center in the Turks and Caicos.
Provo Air Center is an independent FBO facility situated on the northern side of the runway at the Providenciales International Airport. Provo Air Center’s building blends a global perspective with the vernacular architecture of the Turks and Caicos. Onsite immigration and customs are offered at Provo Air Center.

The FBO features a children’s lounge, featuring a pirate cave, which keeps young guests happily entertained with toys, books and games, while the dog park, equipped with a drinking fountain, is a welcome spot for canine guests.

Provo Air Center’s expanded Pilot Suite includes a flight planning room, spacious private lounge, and a luxurious snooze room with private cubicles and showers.

Above: The ramp at the FBO.   Top right:  Top left:  The FBO features a children's play area.   Bottom right:  Top right:  One of the VIP lounges at the FBO.  


Provo Air Center’s culinary team, PACKitchen, offers an array of menu items featuring global cuisine as well as seasonal specials, like islands’ iconic local lobster and conch. PACKitchen’s chefs offer a range of dining options from simple boxed lunches to multi-course gourmet meals, making mealtime the best part of your flight. All orders are carefully crafted to be enjoyed wherever you are dining – in-flight, pre-flight in our lounges, or to bring with you to your villa or hotel. The team is always delighted to consult with flight crew to design the perfect menu for your aircraft.


Provo Air Center’s onsite fuel operation is fully owned and operated by the FBO and encompasses a fuel farm and fleet of trucks.

Concierge Services

Provo Air Center’s staff is committed to providing a peaceful and private stay for all FBO guests. All staff members sign a strict privacy pledge. The facility includes onsite laundry services, allowing aircraft linens to be cared for 24/7 removing the need for off-site laundromats.

Left: Multiple lounge areas are available.   Right:  Provo Air Center features a drive-through immigration and customs process.

Located in Downtown

Downtown is located in central Providenciales and close to the airport. Many government offices, the post office, a number of small restaurants and shops, a sports center, and a supermarket are located in this region. The largely residential Kew Town is adjacent to the northwest.