Conch Cab is a ride hailing service available in Grace Bay and much of Providenciales.
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Conch Cab Providenciales

The eye-catching Conch Cab!
October 2021 Update: Conch Cab is now operating!

Conch Cab is a convenient and inexpensive cab service that operates on much of Providenciales, including the Grace Bay, Leeward, Long Bay, Turtle Cove, and Bight areas of the island.

Rides are booked online via phone, and rates are transparent and can be seen prior to booking. Riders can see live car location information, which makes finding your cab easy. Rides are paid for to the driver with cash.

Conch Cabs are eye-catching and easy to recognize, with their signature giant conch and conch hood ornament.

At this time, Conch Cab is only offered on the eastern side of Providenciales, and does not service Chalk Sound and Blue Hills.

How Conch Cab Works

Conch Cab is an inexpensive and convenient way to get around Providenciales.

Conch Cab is very easy to use. Riders visit Conch.Cab on their phone, where they can enter their phone number and receive a PIN via SMS in seconds. With the PIN, they can log in and book rides.

It’s easy to search for and select rides. Simply type in your destination, select the best match, and confirm your ride. Once the driver accepts, you’ll see your cab location and progress.


Conch Cab Rates are transparent, have no hidden fees, and you can see your fare before booking. Fares are paid to the driver in cash.

Service Restrictions and Airport Pickup

Due to government restrictions imposed on the Community Cab class of transportation Conch Cab can not pick up customers at the airport.

Conch Cab Zone Map

Conch Cab zone map
The Conch Cab service zone map.