steak dinner created by a private chef in the Turks and Caicos Caicos Catering can create your perfect dinner, with a wide range of healthy and delicious options.
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Caicos Catering

Unit 4, Saltmills Plaza, 363 Grace Bay Road, Grace Bay, Providenciales
Scallop and bacon appetizer by Caicos Catering
Caicos Catering can accommodate a wide range of dietary and allergy considerations.

Caicos Catering is a professional private chef, catering, and event hosting company, based on the island of Providenciales. Services include gourmet private chef services, catering and food preparation for events, yachts, and aircraft, and assistance for event hosting, including tent and equipment rental and beach BBQs.

Headed by chefs Doug Camozzi and Melissa Hartling, Caicos Catering draws from nearly forty years of experience operating in the dining and restaurant industry in the Turks and Caicos and has the expertise, equipment, and facilities to assist with events small and large.

Private Chef Services

For those seeking a gourmet dinner in their own villa or home, Caicos Catering provides a professional private chef service, where the chef creates a mouth-watering dinner at your property, to your requirements and wishes. Vegetarian, vegan, and other dietary and allergy considerations can be accommodated, with a selection of cuisines. Ingredients can be sourced, including fresh local seafood.


fresh ingredients
Caicos Catering incorporates a wide range of fresh ingredients into their dishes, including local seafood such as lobster and fish.

Caicos Catering provides a comprehensive range of catering services for weddings, parties, conferences, and work events. Providing a professional dining experience for a number of people is a difficult task, and Caicos Catering’s facilities, professional kitchen, and depth of experience will ensure that your event is served exceptionally.

Bartending and Drinks

Caicos Catering is able to assist in providing drinks, with services that include supplying stocked bars, trained bartenders, and servers. The drink menu can be tailored to the event, with options ranging from the quintessential rum punch, to cocktails, wines, liquors, and more.

Packed Dinners

For those that want to dine in at their villa or accommodation yet don’t require a private chef, Caicos Catering can create and deliver prepared boxed dinners, which is a convenient way to enjoy delicious and healthy food with very little hassle.

Event Hosting and Equipment Rentals

Turks and Caicos lobster and mahi-mahi dinner, created by a private chef
Local lobster and mahi-mahi entrée, by Caicos Catering.

Want to host a beach bonfire and BBQ, a party, or other event? In addition to assisting on the culinary side, Caicos Catering can provide rental equipment that includes tents, chairs, tables, silverware, plates, torches and lamps, and other essentials. A bar, bartender, and servers can also be arranged.

Caicos Catering is able to create several types of BBQ, including local jerk style and classic Caribbean, with a full complement of sides. A beach bonfire and BBQ is a general favorite with all ages, and is a highly recommended experience!

Located at Saltmills Plaza

The Saltmills Plaza is a retail and professional enclave, located in the heart of Grace Bay on Providenciales. The plaza is home to many shops, a police station, a bank, law firms, and government offices. Adjacent to the Saltmills Plaza are the Regent Village and Le Vele Plaza.