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Hollywood Beach, North Caicos.

Hollywood Beach

Our Opinion
Along with Whitby Beach and the nearby Pumpkin Bluff Beach, this is one of the nicest beaches on North Caicos. Sea grass does grow in patches not far off the beach, but overall this beautiful area is generally sheltered, has clean sand and is always secluded.
4 star rating for Hollywood Beach by Visit Turks and Caicos Islands
The beautiful beach and ocean at Hollywood Beach, North Caicos.

Found between Three Marys Cays and Pumpkin Bluff Beach on North Caicos, Hollywood Beach typically offers some of the calmer waters on the island.

There are patches of seaweed growing at some spots in this area, but the beach tends to be cleanest on its west end. Casuarina trees line much of this coastline and provide ample shade.

As is the case with all beaches on North Caicos and Middle Caicos, and in stark contrast to its Florida namesake, Hollywood Beach is quite quiet and secluded, and you’ll likely have the entire beach to yourself.

Getting to Hollywood Beach

Access to Hollywood Beach can be a little confusing due to none of the many roads in the area having names. We recommend approaching from the Whitby side of the beach. If you continue west down Whitby Highway (northwest of the T junction with Kew Highway) the road becomes unpaved and you’ll pass a round-about and the abandoned Prospect of Whitby Hotel. A short distance down this road is Pumpkin Bluff Pond and accesses can be found nearby in a largely undeveloped residential lot project.

Map & Locations


Beach Accesses

East Access
Also an access for the west side of Pumpkin Bluff Beach, this is a good location to park for the east end of Hollywood Beach. A small unpaved road leads directly to the beach.
Moore Hall Plantation Access
The access leads to what is probably the best stretch of Hollywood Beach.
Pumpkin Bluff Pond Access
Another access for Hollywood Beach, a scenic walking path here leads 450 feet from the road to the beach.