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The Mega One Triton on the beach at Grand Turk.

Photo Gallery of Turks and Caicos Shipwrecks

This photo gallery explores the shipwrecks that can be seen around the Turks and Caicos Islands. Many of these locations are quite remote, and the typical boat excursions do not visit them.

La Famille Express

Probably the most famous ship wreck in the Turks and Caicos, this Soviet oil rig service vessel turned Dominican cargo ship is found about two miles of off Long Bay Beach on Providenciales.

The Mega One Triton

This large vessel greets all visitors to Governor's Beach on Grand Turk. Washed ashore during Hurricane Sandy in 2012, efforts to remove the ship have been unsuccessful as of yet.

The River Arc

This converted oil tanker wrecked on the barrier reef off of Whitby North Caicos in 1979. Rumours suggest that this ship was trafficking drugs and that much of the cargo was transported to planes for flight to the final destination. Much of what remained of the ship has disintegrated in recent years.

Salt Cay Long Bay Wreck

This Dominican transport vessel ran out of fuel and washed ashore on Long Bay in Salt Cay in 2014.

South Dock Tugboat

This tugboat can be seen stuck on a tiny rocky cay near the radar installation at South Dock, Providenciales.

Haitian Transport in the Mangrove Wetlands of North Caicos

Swept over the shallows off of North Caicos during some previous storm, this rusted hulk, the Erzulie Transport, is now stuck on the mangroves off the south side of North Caicos.

Fishing Boat at Bermudian Harbour Bay

This old fishing boat is stuck on the beach at Bermudian Harbour Bay near Five Cays on Providenciales.

The Invincible

The tiny Invincible freighter wreck is found near Molasses Reef and supports quite a bit of bird life.

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