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The road into Lorimers


Lorimers, Middle Caicos.

Along with Conch Bar and Bambarra, Lorimers is one of three settlements on Middle Caicos.

Found on the east coast of Middle Caicos, not much is located in this tiny settlement. With only about a dozen residents, there are no shops or gas stations. Most who live are either retired or fish and farm.

An excellent kayak or paddle board launching area can be found on the coastal side of the village at Lorimers Landing.

Lorimers Creek

Banana Tree Cave near the settlement of Lorimers.

The semi-landlocked Lorimers Creek borders one side of the village. This lagoon isolates the sandy peninsula that includes the Wild Cow Run and Cedar Point beaches.

The wetlands in this region are quite maze-like, and the Loyalist-era planters cut a small channel that connected Lorimers Creek and Increase Creek. From Increase Creek, there was a clearer route to the ocean through the Windward Going Through Channel between Middle Caicos and Dickish Cay.

Origin of the Name and History

The village is named after the British military doctor and plantation owner John Lorimer. Upon his death, his will stated that his slaves were freed and they named the village after him.

Map & Location