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South Caicos Scuba Diving

Our Opinion
The diving surrounding South Caicos is generally excellent. However, at this time no local business operates at the island. Interesting reef formation and swim-through arches abound.
5 star rating for South Caicos Scuba Diving by Visit Turks and Caicos Islands
Diving the vibrant reefs.

Located on the east edge of the Caicos Islands subterranean plateau, South Caicos is recognized as having excellent diving, with vibrant reefs and wildlife, some decent wall sites, and many canyons, arches and swim-through reef sites. The best of the accessable wreck sites, the Convair CV-440, is located nearby.

Most of the South Caicos dive site are a short 10-15 minute boat trip out from the main populated area of Cockburn Harbour and follow along the east and southeast coasts of Long Cay and South Caicos. Although the dive sites are a short ride out, the island really doesn’t offer great shore diving due to inaccessible (by road) coastlines and ocean conditions.

Nearly all of the main South Caicos Dive sites are in the Admiral Cockburn Land and Sea National Park, which includes Long Cay, Six Hills Cays and Middleton Cay.

Dive Shops

Unfortunately, there’s no operating dive company on South Caicos because the only dive operator at the time, South Caicos Divers, closed down due to damages caused by Hurricane Ike in 2008. A custom dive charter may be arranged from Salt Cay or Grand Turk, although costs will likely be prohibitive.

New resorts projects are beginning to open on the island, such as the recent (2016) East Bay Resort, and it's likely that before long diving will once again be offered from South Caicos.

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