Johnny's Grocery in Cockburn Harbour.
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Johnny's Grocery

North Street, Cockburn Harbour, South Caicos
Johnny's Grocery stocks foods and essentials, and can make special orders from Providenciales.

Johnny’s Grocery is a small independent grocery store located in Cockburn Harbour. It’s a good choice for tourists looking to buy both dry goods and fresh produce and meats when visiting the islands.

You can find the building easily by its distinctive blue and yellow color.


Johnny’s Grocery has a good selection of dry goods, covering all of the essentials such as canned vegetables, breakfast cereals, cleaning supplies, and more.

The selection of fresh produce and meats is a little more limited, and stock does sell out.


The shop also sells a selection of alcoholic drinks, including beer and spirits.

Special Orders

For those staying on South Caicos for more than a few days, the shop offers special orders. Depending on what you would like, they may be able to have it available the next day, but it’s recommended to place an order at least two days in advance.

Located in Cockburn Harbour

Cockburn Harbour is the primary settlement on South Caicos, and the center of most of the island's activity. The region is located on the southwestern coast and near a beautiful and sheltered natural anchorage. The area is home to the majority of the island's residents, shops, and services.