Aerial view of Noah's Ark in the Turks and Caicos There are several ways to get to Noah's Ark, including via water taxi, jet ski, and on a boat charter.
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Noah's Ark

Princess Alexandra National Park, Providenciales
Noah's Ark floating bar in Turks and Caicos
Noah's Ark, located near the island of Providenciales.

Found on the aquamarine waters of the Turks and Caicos Islands, away from the hustle and bustle of the mainland, you’ll find Noah’s Ark Beach Club, more often referred to as simply Noah’s Ark. This floating bar is popular, and one of the top boat cruise destinations near Providenciales. The bar has an adult-only atmosphere.

Although Noah’s Ark is a bit too far to swim to from Providenciales with its location off of Half Moon Bay lagoon, getting to the floating bar is easy. Noah’s Ark organizes a daily ferry service leaving from a dock near Blue Haven Marina (but not from Blue Haven Marina) to transport passengers to this hidden treasure.

Visitors can also make a pitstop at the floating bar during a boat or jet ski excursion. Whether it’s a ferry or personal vessel, it doesn’t matter—as long as you have access to a boat, getting to Noah’s Ark is no problem. Once arriving at your destination, you’re sure to see that Noah’s Ark is worth the trip. With panoramic views of the Princess Alexandra National Park and the Caicos Banks, it’s easy to understand why the floating bar is a crowd favorite.

Above: Noah's Ark is located near Bird Cay and Half Moon Bay lagoon in the Princess Alexandra National Park.   Top right:  Top left:  The beautiful and shallow water at Noah's Ark.   Bottom right:  Top right:  One side of the floating bar is a shallow swim zone.  

The Floating Bar

Aerial view of the Princess Alexandra National Park and Half Moon Bay lagoon
Noah's Ark in the Princess Alexandra National Park, near Half Moon Bay lagoon.

Despite its seclusion from the mainland, Noah’s Ark promises opportunities for fun and excitement. The floating bar provides a spacious dance floor for visitors to enjoy, as well as perimeter seating, perfect for those who want to take a break from dancing or who want to peacefully take in the scenery. Visitors can also take a pause from dancing to take a dip in the water whenever they please. On the more practical side, the floating bar also has a restroom available for passengers to use.

If you’re planning a wedding, birthday party, or other event, you also have the option to rent Noah’s Ark as your venue, so you have the entirety of this unique location all to yourself.

If you’re searching for something to do on the weekend, Noah’s Ark also hosts popular events such as their “Saturday Vibes” party. Noah’s Ark’s events often feature talented local DJs, a wide selection of music, and optional additional packages. Information about upcoming events is usually posted to the company’s social media pages, including Facebook and Instagram.

There’s no need to bring refreshments for your trip to Noah’s Ark—the floating bar is bound to have whatever you’re in the mood for. The bar offers a variety of drinks to choose from, including local beers, champagne, and cocktails. Visitors are encouraged to try one of the three (or all if that’s your prerogative) signature drinks made at the floating bar: the “Super Mario”, “El Patron” and “Noah’s Cooler” cocktails. The vibrant colors of the drinks are sure to bring anyone into the mindset of a Caribbean holiday.

But drinks aren’t the only thing on the menu at Noah’s Ark. The establishment provides a wide variety of both hot and cold, local and continental dishes. A known favorite at the floating bar is the conch salad: tenderized pieces of raw conch combined with fresh veggies, citric juices, and spices. Noah’s Ark is also fitted with a grill, for those in need of something with a kick. The floating bar’s Noah’s Ark Jerk Chicken is a fan favorite among its patrons.

If you’re looking for something unique to do on the water, Noah’s Ark is an ideal option. Open from 10 am until sunset, the floating bar offers stunning views no matter the time of day, and the scenic journey is certainly part of the experience. Suitable for all kinds of events, Noah’s Ark is a popular spot for tourists and visitors alike.

Getting to Noah’s Ark

There is a ferry service which has frequent operation between the Pickup Location 🡓 and Noah’s Ark. The cost is $30 roundtrip. No reservations are needed, simply show up and give them a call (or text message), and staff will the short distance to pick you up. Cards and cash accepted.

Located in Princess Alexandra National Park

This highly important coastal and marine protected area is off the north coast of Providenciales and includes Grace Bay Beach, The Bight Beach, The Bight Reef, Leeward Beach, Smith’s Reef, and a large portion of the northern barrier reef of Providenciales. This area also includes the iguana sanctuary of Little Water Cay and the wetlands islands of Mangrove Cay and Donna Cay.