North Caicos and Middle Caicos scuba diving Soft coral near the wall.
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North and Middle Caicos Scuba Diving

See our overview page on diving.

scuba diving on the Caicos barrier reef
Diving the Caicos Barrier Reef.

Due to the limited number of visitors to North and Middle Caicos, currently no businesses offers scheduled diving from these islands. Excursions from one of the many Providenciales dive shops can be arranged.

All of the dive sites easily accessed from North and Middle Caicos are on the north barrier reef and consist mostly of spur and grove coral formations and wall sites. These sites are quite similar to the sites off Grace Bay, and ocean and visibility conditions are often similar.

Sea life and coral is vibrant and varied.

Shore Dive Sites

During particularly calm ocean and wind conditions, Mudjin Harbour and Conch Bar Beach offers decent shore diving. However, we don’t advise doing so as it’s rare for the site to be viable due to offshore wind and currents.

North Caicos does not have any suitable sites for diving from shore as the barrier reef is too far off the coast to swim to.

Dive Excursions from Providenciales

At this time, the best option for diving while visiting North or Middle Caicos is to either take the 30-minute ferry to Providenciales and dive from there, or arrange for a custom charter with a Providenciales dive company (that will include pickup via Sandy Point Marina on North Caicos and likely visit nearby sites off Pine Cay).

See Providenciales Diving.

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