North Caicos and Middle Caicos offer great reef and bottom fishing, deep sea fishing, and bonefishing.
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North and Middle Caicos Fishing

Yellowtail snapper on the reef.

Excellent recreational fishing is found throughout the Turks and Caicos, and North and Middle Caicos are no exception. Some of the finest bonefishing and flats fishing sites in the region are hidden in the countless channels and estuaries of the two islands.

Small-scale commercial fishing for local consumption takes place on these two islands, yet unlike the fishing industry on South Caicos, Grand Turk and Providenciales, no products are exported internationally.


Visitors to the Turks and Caicos are required to be in possession of a valid fishing license when actively fishing anywhere in the country, regardless of if anything is caught.

Visitor and recreational licenses are offered as daily ($10) and monthly ($30) options.

Water sports businesses often include any necessary licenses with excursions.

Unfortunately, licenses are not available on either North Caicos or Middle Caicos. We recommend visiting one of the larger marinas on Providenciales to obtain your license.

Protected Areas

It is illegal to fish, or collect conch, crabs, lobster, or shellfish in any national park or protected area.

North and Middle Caicos mainly have three protected areas that affect fishermen: the East Bay Islands National Park near the beautiful Bottle Creek Lagoon, the Vine Point and Ocean Hole Nature Preserve, and the expansive Ramsar North, Middle and East Caicos Nature Preserve.

If you fish on your own, it’s your duty to have a license and to avoid protected areas.


Chasing the elusive bonefish on the flats of North Caicos.

The Caicos Bank shallows south of North Caicos, Middle Caicos and East Caicos are unparalleled bonefishing locations.

Tarpon, bonefish, and barracuda abound. Access to some flats can be a little difficult, but a serious saltwater fly or spin fisherman will be hard-pressed to find better conditions.

Small skiffs that draw very little water are the vessel of choice. Small spotting platforms are typically standard fixtures as well.

Reef and Bottom Fishing

Fishing for edible snappers, groupers, jacks, and yellowtail is also excellent. The channels between the many islands, the north coast barrier reef, and Caicos Banks reef shoals shelter an abundance of marine life.

This genre of fishing is suitable for a wide range of skill and strength levels and is a great family activity. The equipment typically used is common light fishing line, tackle, and rods.

Deep Sea Sport Fishing

As is the case with all of the large islands in the country, deep ocean water is found within easy access.

The main drawback of deep-sea fishing on North and Middle Caicos is that no dedicated deep-sea fishing businesses operate on the two islands. You may want to consider working with a Providenciales fishing operator.

Shore Fishing Spots

The causeway is the best shore fishing spot for casual line fishing on the two islands. Many other excellent sites do exist, but they tend to be difficult to access.

The best DIY bonefishing spots are also near the causeway, and in the creek off of the settlement of Lorimers.


There are no fishing supply or marine shops on North and Middle Caicos. All equipment and bait will have to be sourced from one of the water sports businesses on Providenciales.

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