Old crane at Platico Point Beach, Middle Caicos.
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Platico Point

Middle Caicos
Beach Information
No Lifeguard
No Littering
Coral Sumac Trees
Hidden Dangers
Editor's Comments
This small and secluded beach is a nice stop on Middle Caicos. Some may find the abandoned and decaying equipment interesting. When the ocean is calm, the water off the beach can be a breathtaking turquoise.
3-star rating for Platico Point by Visit Turks and Caicos Islands
Platico Point Beach, Middle Caicos.

This small stretch of coastline is found between the settlements of Conch Bar and Bambarra on Middle Caicos. The low marine limestone cliff coastline of Nongatown Landing continues from the east side of this beach.

A quiet and nice, albeit small, beach is located at the point. The Conch Bar Coastal Road leads to Platico Point and is well worth the drive.


The coasts in the Platico Point area of Middle Caicos can be quite good for shell beachcombing. Due to the adjacent barrier reef and typical ocean swell, cowries, tritons, and conchs can often be found.

The Abandoned Cargo Port

The barge wreck at Platico Point.

The rusted and heavily decayed remains of a crane, barge, tanks, and containers can be seen at Platico Point. This equipment was part of a failed cargo port project.

This collapsing equipment can be dangerous and should be avoided.

Origin of the Name

The name is believed to have Spanish origins. Platico translates as ‘I chat/speak’ in Spanish (from the infinitive verb platicar), but also exists as the diminutive form (to denote smallness) in Cuban Spanish for ‘plate’. Certain diminutive word endings in Cuban Spanish use -ico/-ica instead of -ito/-ita in Castilian Spanish (in this case platico instead of platito).