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The Grand Turk Lighthouse as seen from across North Creek.

Grand Turk Lighthouse

Lighthouse Road, Grand Turk
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The only lighthouse in the country, this beautiful (albeit not very large) structure is the main historical attraction on Grand Turk. Don’t miss out on the scenic coastal path that leads along the cliffs north of the lighthouse. Unfortunately, access is not allowed inside.
4 star rating for Grand Turk Lighthouse by Visit Turks and Caicos Islands

Built in 1852, this lighthouse is Grand Turk’s most famous landmark and is the only lighthouse in the country.

In the early 19th century, many ships wrecked off the northern coast of Grand Turk, and it reached a point that shipping firms (primarily US and Bermudian) and the US Government insisted that a lighthouse be built to aid in navigation.

Exploring the scenic grounds of the Grand Turk Lighthouse.

The main structure was designed by Alexander Gordon and was prefabricated in England. It's an early example of cast-iron prefabrication, and one of the first of its type. Originally, the lighthouse was designed to burn whale oil and had Argand reflector lamps. These reflector lamps magnified light to 450 times original intensity. The clock-like machinery (to rotate the light) was designed by Chance Brothers of Birmingham, England.

In 1943, the same Chance Brothers converted the lighthouse to run on kerosene and fitted Fresnel lenses. One of these lenses is on display at the National Museum. In 1971, the lighthouse was converted to run on electricity.

On the grounds is the small light-keepers house, with small windows to block the intense light from the tower.

Frensel lens from the Grand Turk Lighthouse at the National Museum, Grand Turk.

Originally light visibility was 15 miles (24 km). The tower stands at 60 feet (18 metres), a total of 108 feet (33 metres) above sea-level.

The lighthouse is no longer operational. The grounds are open (admission charge) and there's a small snack shop in the old light-keepers house.

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