Sailing at the beautiful Bell Sound lagoon at South Caicos
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South Caicos Hobie Cat Sailing

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Sailing a Hobie Cat is a fun experience, even if you've never sailed before. Hobie Cats are provided complimentary to Sailrock guests.
4-star rating for Hobie Cat Sailing by Visit Turks and Caicos Islands
Hobie Cat Sailboat at South Caicos
Sailrock Resort on South Caicos features a fleet of Hobie Cat sailboats, kayaks, and paddleboards.

Hobie Cats are generally 4-6 seater catamarans, and feature a trampoline deck and boomless sail. They are generally easy to sail, even for complete novices. Sailrock Resort offers complimentary usage of Hobie Cats for visitors at their resort and villas.

For those who have never sailed a Hobie Cat before, you’ll likely pick it up within an hour. Due to the fact that the hull is sealed, and there’s a float at the top of the mast, it isn't possible to sink a Hobie Cat. If they flip due to a sharp turn and high wind, they can be righted by a single person (although it’s easier with an additional person to assist).


Bell Sound is a sheltered and expansive lagoon.

Life vests are provided and are recommended to be used by all those sailing.

If you’re sailing from the Cove Beach, be advised that the southern direction (left if standing on the beach looking out) is shallow. This generally won’t harm the boat, but you’ll notice the rudders begin to scrap the sand (they’ll automatically flip up). If this happens, steer for deeper water.

Sailing a Hobie Cat does not require excessive strength, as the lines and sail and controlled via pulleys. Young children are able to operate and sail a Hobie Cat (under the supervision of an adult).


Hobie Cats are available on the beach near the Cove Restaurant + Beach Bar, and staff will assist you in rigging the sail and setting off.

Hobie Cats are only available to those staying at Sailrock, those on the Sailrock Day Trip, or resort pass holders.

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