Dolphin Grill, South Caicos.
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Dolphin Grill

Ocean & Beach Resort, Tucker Hill, South Caicos
The indoor dining at the Ocean and Beach Restaurant.

Dolphin Grill serves fresh local seafood, Caribbean fare, and drinks overlooking the ocean in South Caicos. The grill is located at the Ocean & Beach Resort on Tucker Hill Road, a few minutes from Cockburn Harbour. Nestled atop a hill, Dolphin Bar offers stunning views over Dove Cay and Long Cay, and a relaxed, casual dining atmosphere. The Caribbean restaurant also has covered outdoor dining so guests can revel in the seaside and poolside views.

The casual bar and grill serves lunch, dinner, and drinks. The small local business has a warm, welcoming, and relaxed island atmosphere. Dolphin Bar is especially popular for sunset dinners and drinks and late-night gatherings.

The Menu

Dolphin Bar has a varied menu, with something for every taste. The cuisines include seafood, Caribbean, and American fare. The grill is the perfect place to stop for a casual lunch, dinner, or tropical drinks with stunning horizon views along the island’s south coast. The bar comes to life at night, fueled by delectable tropical cocktails and lively banter.

The menu changes based on availability and features fresh local seafood, burgers, and more. The seafood may include conch salad, lobster (when in season), crab legs, conch fritters, coconut shrimp, grilled snapper, and steamed grouper. Other popular menu items are Caribbean favorites like mac and cheese, rice and peas, and key lime pie. The baked mac and cheese is a popular side item. The menu features casual American fare as well, with burgers, lamb chops, steak, barbecue chicken, pizza, mixed vegetables, baked potatoes, and mashed potatoes.

Dolphin Bar has a full bar with alcoholic and non-alcoholic drink options. The bar often gets busy at night. With stunning horizon views and unique, tasty drinks, the bar draws steady streams of customers. The handmade cocktails are a hit with tourists and locals alike. Popular cocktails include tropical classics like rum punch, strawberry daiquiris, and pina coladas. The TC Mama punch is the house specialty and a menu favorite.


View from Dolphin Grill restaurant
The view from the restaurant.

The atmosphere at Dolphin Grill is casual and laid back, with a relaxed Caribbean vibe. South Caicos has limited dining options outside the resorts, and the Dolphin Grill is perfect for a relaxed lunch stop without reservations. There is indoor and outdoor seating, with the outdoor patio covered for protection from the sun or rain. The terrace overlooks the pristine southern coast of South Caicos.

Dolphin Grill is a small local business with friendly, attentive service. The tasty tropical drinks and sunset views make the grill a lively gathering place in the evenings, and the bar is open late. For music lovers, Dolphin Grill features local musicians who play on the patio on some evenings. With sounds ranging from old-school reggae to soca music, the music adds another dimension to the dining experience. Guests can unwind, eat fresh local food, and enjoy the Caribbean tunes.

Located at Ocean & Beach Resort

The Ocean and Beach Resort is located on Tucker Hill overlooking Cockburn Harbour and East Bay Beach. This hotel features a spectacular ocean view over the uninhabited cays off South Caicos. Onsite is the Dolphin Grill restaurant, swimming pool, and Jacuzzi.