The small Splash Boutique shop in Balfour Town on Salt Cay Splash Boutique, Salt Cay.
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Salt Cay Shopping

Bottle of Spirits of Salt Cay Rum on the bar at Porter's Island Thyme
A bottle of locally produced Spirits of Salt Cay Rum.

Salt Cay isn't a major tourist destination and consequently sees only a small number of tourists (and has a resident population of less than 100 people). As a result, shopping is quite limited.

Gifts and Souvenirs

There are only two “gift” shops: Splash Boutique and the Salt Cay Salt Works display at Oceanaire Bistro.

These stores carry a range of locally handmade items, jewelry, T-shirts and other gifts.


Three tiny variety shops make up the grocery options.

Although the prices tend to be quite reasonable, the selection is very small. Only basic foods, cold drinks, water and snacks are offered.

Many of the local residents either travel to Grand Turk once a week to get supplies, or have the required items sent over on the Salt Cay Community Ferry.

If you're staying for a while, consider bringing any specialized items with you from Providenciales (or Grand Turk) before you arrive on Salt Cay.

Salt Cay Salt Works
Salt Cay Salt Works uses the organic sea salt formed naturally on Salt Cay to make soaps, bath salts, culinary salts and the premier cooking salt, Fleur de Sel. Packaged in a variety of corked tubes, bottles and jars ready for your bath, table or kitchen or to use as gifts and mementos.
Splash Boutique
Locally made paintings, jewelry made from beach glass, shell productions, tee shirts, and hats. Local photographers offering photos of Salt Cays historical buildings and wildlife.
Island Shop
Found on the coast of Salt Cay near the White House and between Balfour Town and South District, this little shop carries a limited range of cold drinks, snacks, dry goods and essential items. Open all day.
This tiny shop is one of only a few places on Salt Cay to buy food supplies. Most of the item sold here are dry goods, but there are some cold drinks and basic dairy products and produce.