the view from Little Bluff Lookout on Salt Cay The view to the west from Little Bluff Lookout, Salt Cay.
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Little Bluff Lookout Salt Cay

the cannon at Little Bluff Lookout on Salt Cay
The Little Bluff Lookout cannon from the 1790's HMS Endymion Wreck.

This 52 foot (16 meter) marine limestone hill is found a short hike north of Deane's Dock in Balfour Town, Salt Cay.

Spectacular views can be had over Balfour Town, the salinas, and North Bay. It’s often possible to spot cruise ships heading to Grand Turk, and during the winter months, the bluff is an excellent whale watching site.

A cannon from the 1790 HMS Endymion Wreck, ruined light towers, and the foundation of a small building can be found at the summit.

A small cemetery is found near the base of the hill.

Decent snorkeling can be found below the soft and crumbling limestone cliffs.

As is common to many eastern coastlines in the Turks and Caicos, the hill and cliffs of Little Bluff Lookout consist of semi-lithified marine limestone. This rock was essentially formed from sand dune, which was collected by the action of the wind.

Getting to Little Bluff Lookout

To get to Little Bluff Lookout, simply follow the coast north about a third of a mile (.6 km) from the main dock on Salt Cay. A sandy path leads up the hill to the overlook.

After leading to the summit with the cannon, the hiking path continues to the north to North West Point and the exquisite North Bay Beach.

clear turquoise at the cliff at Little Bluff Lookout in the Turks and Caicos
The vivid ocean off of Little Bluff Lookout, Salt Cay.

Map & Location