Balfour Town Beach on Salt Cay Balfour Town Beach is typically sheltered from the wind.
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Balfour Town Beach

Salt Cay
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No Lifeguard
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Decent snorkeling can be found at various spots off this beach. The water here is generally calm, but the majority of the coastline is rocky.
3-star rating for Balfour Town Beach by Visit Turks and Caicos Islands
Sand and cliff at Balfour Town Beach in the Turks and Caicos
Waves breaking on the beach north of Deane's Dock.

Fronting Salt Cay’s main settlement of Balfour Town, the aptly-named Balfour Town Beach offers sheltered stretches of sand interspersed between low rocky outcroppings. Access to this beach is convenient from many of the island’s accommodations. The two best sections of the beach are found either 1100 feet (334 m) north of Deane's Dock, or next to the Mary Robinson Primary School.

Most of the villas on Salt Cay are located on this beach.

Due to being located on the west side of Salt Cay in the wind shadow of Little Bluff Lookout and many buildings, the constant eastern trade winds have little effect on this coast. Surface conditions are calm, and clarity underwater is often great.

As nearly all sand in the country is of coral and shell origin, Balfour Town Beach’s location near the subterranean reef wall results in larger grain structure sand than is what’s found at many other coasts. You’ll typically be able to recognize grains as parts of a former seashell. It may not initially appear so, but this type of sand is particularly fluffy and soft.


View over the beaches of Balfour Town on Salt Cay
The view of the Balfour Town beaches from Little Bluff Lookout.

There are no actual vibrant and expansive reefs nearby, yet snorkeling is nevertheless interesting. Old coral shelves and gullies support colorful reef fish, and sea fans add a bit of contrast.

The area between Deane’s Dock and Little Bluff Lookout offers a good balance between accessibility and sea life.


Balfour Town Beach does not have any “official” access. However, there are no restrictions and plenty of opportunities to get to the beach at nearly any point on the coast. As is the case on every island and cay in the county, all beaches are public up to the high tide point, and there are no entrance fees.