Rolling waves at Long Bay, Salt Cay.
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Long Bay

Salt Cay
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This remote, rough, and weathered coastline is a great place for exploring and flotsam beachcombing. The ocean swell breaks on the reef close off the beach, which further adds to the ambiance. The Taylor Hill ruins are located nearby.
3-star rating for Long Bay by Visit Turks and Caicos Islands
This beach is a bit more rugged than the other beaches on Salt Cay.

Long Bay is a secluded and weather-beaten beach located on the southeast coast of Salt Cay. Exposed to the constant eastern trade winds and close to the barrier reef, the ocean here is typically rough and unsuitable for swimming or snorkeling. Large amounts of flotsam wash up on this coastline (plastics of all kinds), much of which have made the long journey from North Africa or Europe. This beach should not be confused with the popular Long Bay Beach on Providenciales.

Ruins and field walls on Taylor Hill overlook this beach and are interesting sites to explore when in the area, and to the north of this coast is the Grey Salina.

Whales can sometimes be seen off the coast here when in season (January through March).

Getting Here

Shipwreck and flotsam at Long Bay.

Long Bay can be accessed by either walking over Taylor Hill or the longer (suitable for golf carts and bikes) track around the northeast of the airstrip. There’s lots to explore so take plenty of drinking water.  

Long Bay will likely be the most difficult beach for most visitors to access on Salt Cay due to the complexity and more conditions of the tracks leading to the beach, which can be challenging to carts and bikes. Deep sand, loose rocks, and salina mud should be expected.

A great way to see the northeast coast of Salt Cay and Long Bay is by hiking, and an interesting and varied experience can be had by starting at Northeast Point, and then following the coast south to Taylor Hill and the beginnings of South Creek. Much of this coast doesn’t have easy road access. As is always the case when venturing out in the sun, take plenty of drinking water.