The view to the south from Taylor Hill.
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Taylor Hill

Salt Cay
The ruined house at Taylor Hill, Salt Cay.

Taylor Hill is a secluded hill and ruin site, located on the central-eastern coast of Salt Cay. The site offers scenic views over much of the island and the adjacent ocean, as well as a unique perspective on the island’s past.

Near Taylor Hill is Long Bay, which is a flotsam-covered coast that’s exposed to the typical eastern trade winds, and another interesting place to explore when in the area.

The Ruins at Taylor Hill

At the height of Taylor Hill are a set of ruins and limestone field walls from an old whaling station that can still be seen. From the peak of the hill and the whaling station, a constant watch could be kept over a wide swath of ocean for humpback whales.

The last walls standing of Taylor Hill.

Salt Cay’s location in the Turks Islands Passage and near the Silver Banks is at the southern reaches of the annual migrations of some Atlantic humpback whales which spend most of the year in colder northern waters. Today, the island is a spectacular location for whale watching during the winter months.

Stone cairns can also be seen in the area. These mounds were simply accumulated from loose rocks in the grounds of the main house.

Getting to Taylor Hill

Salt Cay doesn’t have many cars, and gas-powered golf carts and bicycles are the primary means of transport for most visitors. The routes leading to and near Taylor Hill are rough tracks that can be traversed with golf carts, albeit at a slow pace. Several routes are possible, including from Balfour Town, South District, and from the north via a track that leads past the airport and near Gray Salina.