Secret Garden Restaurant on Grand Turk The Secret Garden Restaurant is located in a shady grove at the Salt Raker Inn on Duke Street.
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Secret Garden Restaurant

Salt Raker Inn, Duke Street, Cockburn Town, Grand Turk
Sign and entry for Salt Raker Inn and Secret Garden Restaurant
The entrance for the Salt Raker Inn and Secret Garden Restaurant on Duke Street, Cockburn Town.

Located on Duke Street in Grand Turk, Secret Garden Restaurant can be found at Salt Raker Inn in the historical downtown area of Cockburn Town. For Grand Turk visitors looking for the perfect spot to unwind in the midst of nature—the restaurant is an excellent choice. When they’re not out appreciating the island’s beautiful flora, pristine beaches, and historical landmarks, guests can enjoy breakfast, lunch, and dinner at this charming eatery. Surrounded by shady tamarind and neem trees, the abundant vegetation and persistent trade winds help ensure diners are kept cool while they enjoy their meal. And with a menu that rarely changes, Secret Garden Restaurant has managed to perfect every dish it serves.

The Menu

For visitors looking to enjoy local delicacies, the restaurant has a variety of dishes to choose, including the local catch of the day. For breakfast, diners can enjoy freshly brewed coffee served with local steamed fish with peas and grits. They can also choose from conch, pigtail, and corn beef served with grits and, if it’s lobster season, steamed or hash lobster. Not into local cuisine? The Secret Garden Restaurant also offers a continental-style breakfast that includes pancakes, French toast, eggs cooked any way you prefer, bacon, sausage, and ham to start the morning right.

Although breakfast is only available in the morning, both lunch and dinner options are available at either period. Lunch options available daily are fish fingers, chicken wings, hot wings, conch fritters, and cracked conch. Every dish is accompanied with one side, and diners can choose extra sides at an additional cost. Meanwhile, dinner options include the cheeseburger with bacon served with fries, chicken schnitzel, grilled chicken, grilled fish, crispy or grilled shrimp, grilled pork chops, chicken and shrimp pasta, spaghetti with meat sauce, sirloin steak, and, during lobster season, lobster bites, as well as grilled or cracked lobster. Dinner options are accompanied with two sides, which diners can choose from a list that includes peas and rice, garlic potatoes, roasted potatoes, baked potato, fresh vegetables, or garden salad. For those with a sweet tooth, Secret Garden Restaurant also offers delicious desserts that include a classic creamy New York-style cheesecake, a decadent fudgy chocolate cake, or key lime pie.

The Bar and Live Music

Ripsaw musical instruments at Secret Garden Restaurant in the Turks and Caicos
Ripsaws at Secret Garden Restaurant. Ripsaw is a unique Turks and Caicos music genre that features a scraping sound created by raking the saw teeth with another object, and is often accompanied by drums, guitar, and other instruments.

The restaurant also has a fully stocked bar with various local rums such as Bambarra and Barceló. Guests can also select from an array of vodkas, gins, rums, whisky, scotch, liqueurs, and more. For those not into spirits, there’s also a variety of wines, champagne, local and imported beers, as well as regular soft drinks, and sparkling or still water. For those looking for specialty drinks such as martinis and spritzers, simply let the bartender know your request.

Aside from various options to choose from in terms of cuisine and drinks, Secret Garden restaurant has a bookshelf upon entry with many classic novels for you to sit down and enjoy. The restaurant also hosts live music on some nights, including authentic Turks and Caicos Ripsaw music.

Located at Salt Raker Inn

The Salt Raker Inn is a quaint hotel, located on picturesque Duke Street and steps from beautiful Cockburn Town Beach. This historical building was built in the 1850s, and the hotel and onsite restaurant offer a boutique experience.