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pink wedding flower arrangement Wedding flower arrangement. Photo by Paradise Photography.

Flowers and Florists

red flower place settings and decorations at a corporate dinner event in the Turks and Caicos
Red flower theme at a corporate event on Providenciales. Photo by Paradise Photography.

Flowers are an integral part of any wedding, and one that requires a little more planning in the Turks and Caicos. All flowers are imported, and it's necessary to schedule well in advance to ensure that they're ready on time.

Planning your floral decorations

There are a few local flower shops, each of which offer services for weddings. As expected, all decorations are handmade from imported flowers in bulk, so every design is 'bespoke' to a degree.

Using local flowers

Some wedding couples have expressed interest in using local flowers, but unfortunately this isn't really possible. There are only a handful of local plants which provide flowers of any meaningful size, and these are highly seasonal.

Flower Girl
Established on Providenciales for over twenty years, the Flower Girl offers basic arrangements, advanced floral designs for weddings and events, gifts and more. Located on Leeward Highway near the Downtown area.