TCI Ferry arriving at the Sandy Point Marina on North Caicos The North Caicos - Providenciales ferry arriving at Sandy Point Marina.
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Sandy Point Marina

North Caicos
Important Ferry Information: Ferries now typically land at Bellefield Landing, and not Sandy Point Marina. This is due to sand and sediment blocking inlet channels. Car rental companies and taxis typically meet customers at Bellefield Landing, and customers typically do not have to specify which marina they are transiting through, or take further action.
The North Caicos passenger ferry at Sandy Point Marina
Sandy Point Marina, North Caicos.

Sandy Point Marina is found on the northwest end of North Caicos. This marina was previously the landing point of the Providenciales - North Caicos ferry.

There is ample free parking. The parking lot directly next to the dock is the typical pickup and drop-off point for rental vehicles.

Sandy Point and the marina can have mosquito and sand flea problems at times (it’s difficult to predict, but it’s generally after large rains). These can be especially bad late in the day after rainy periods. You may want to consider having insect repellent and long sleeves available if you will be waiting for a ferry or boat.

Green Island Cafe is the only business located nearby. They serve cold drinks, snacks, and takeaway dishes.

Transport and Rental Cars

As is the case throughout the Turks and Caicos, there’s no public transport on North Caicos. Taxis and rental cars are the only ways to get around.

The shallow water and beach near Sandy Point Marina on North Caicos
The beautiful water off of Sandy Point Beach.

You’ll need to reserve ahead if you require a taxi. This is especially the case if you’d like to arrange a taxi island tour.

Agents from the local rental car businesses usually meet visitors directly at the marina. We advise recording your rental company’s phone number in the chance of any disruptions.

The Sandy Point Area

There isn’t much at the settlement of Sandy Point on North Caicos. There’s a small village, the abandoned ruins of the Royal Reef resort project, and a beach.

If you are waiting for a boat or ferry, and have a bit of time to spare, consider exploring the adjacent Sandy Point Beach. You’ll be able to see the island of Parrot Cay across the channel, and scenic sandbars are sometimes exposed in the area at low tide.