Donkeys at South Wells, Salt Cay.
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South Wells Salt Cay

Calf at South Wells.

South Wells is found on the uninhabited south point of Salt Cay. Generally of low elevation, the area get its name from two shallow wells located here. These centuries-old limestone block lined wells supply brackish water to the island’s feral donkeys. Similar to North Wells on Grand Turk, an open side with a ramp approach allows the donkeys to walk down to the water.

The terrain of South Wells is beautiful. Weather beaten and salt-resistant brush forms a dense hedge over much of the region, yet donkey trails make it rather easy to hike.

The rugged and interesting coasts of South Point and South Bay surround South Wells and are also great areas to explore.

Pilchard Hole Salina

The salina dividing walls of Pilchard Hole Salina.

The remains of a small sea salt production pond, Pilchard Hole Salina, can still be seen to the east of South Wells. The low stone salina dividing walls and a few causeways remain in decent condition, although all windmill pumps and gates have long since disintegrated.

Pilchard Hole Salina was provided with ocean water through South Creek. Shifting sands have almost entirely submerged the inlet channel, yet the rock outline can still be seen on the southwest end of South Creek.

The low coastal vegetation of South Wells, Salt Cay.

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