Miss B's offers indoor and outdoor dining.
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Miss B's Island Restaurant King's Road, North Caicos

Miss B's is centrally located between Whitby and Bottle Creek.

Miss B’s is a quaint island cuisine restaurant located near the Major Hill settlement on North Caicos. The eatery is conveniently located on the main road (Kings Road) that traverses the island, and anyone travelling to Bottle Creek, Middle Caicos, Mudjin Harbour, and Bambarra Beach will pass the restaurant.

Miss B’s offers fresh fish, conch, and lobster seafood that’s caught in the islands, grill favorites, and many homemade dishes, including ice cream, pizza, and baked goods.

On Wednesdays, Miss B’s hosts a fish fry, which is complete with live music, typically starring popular local talent Lovey Forbes.

On Saturdays evenings are Karaoke Nights, an event that attracts locals and visitors alike from both North Caicos and Middle Caicos.

The Menu

A great aspect of Miss B’s is their menu often changes, with specials that reflect the season and available local seafood and produce.

Lunch menu items include burgers, wraps, sandwiches, BBQ chicken, pizza, fried chicken or fish strips, and seafood dishes. Quintessential Turks and Caicos sides, which include peas n’ rice, coleslaw, baked mac n’ cheese, fried plantains, and fresh greens salad, are always a favorite.

When visiting a tropical island, you’ll want to try some fresh local seafood, and Miss B’s doesn’t disappoint. Snapper and grouper, caught in the waters nearby, is served fried, steamed, or grilled. Lobster may be grilled or be incorporated into a salad, and conch is offered as fritters, chowder, salad, or cracked.

Miss B’s is also well-known for their fresh baked goods, which may include cinnamon rolls, muffins, and ‘Johnny cake’ cornbread.


Most of the menu at Miss B’s is available as takeout, which is perfect for picnic lunches and day trips to the two Garden Islands. In fact, many of the organized tours that visit North Caicos and Middle Caicos dine at the restaurant.

Call or email ahead to arrange pickup.

Catering and Events

Miss B’s Restaurant is also one of the few options for catering and events on North Caicos and Middle Caicos. As North Caicos and Middle Caicos have limited food availability and stores, you’ll want to contact Miss B’s well in advance of your event dates, to ensure everything you’d like is on island when required.

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