People enjoying the ocean at Grace Bay The beautiful Grace Bay Beach, Providenciales.
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Our Answer To Why Turks and Caicos?

Red thorny starfish in the shallow water at Bermudian Harbour Bay in the Turks and Caicos
Bermudian Harbour Bay Beach, Providenciales.

For foreign investors , a number of criteria could be used to decide where to invest in the Caribbean. For many potential investors, the following factors would be considered:

  • English language speaking,
  • U.S. Dollar (instead of a volatile local currency),
  • No or minimal exchange restrictions and currency controls,
  • Ability of non-citizens to own land and homes,
  • Lack of a payroll, income, and property taxes,
  • Low or no sales tax or VAT, and
  • Good international connections (flights).

Of all the Caribbean island nations (including the northern-Atlantic countries of the Bahamas, Bermuda, and Turks and Caicos), there are only two countries that meet the criteria above: the Turks and Caicos Islands and the Cayman Islands.

Direct Country Comparisons

Luxury villas under construction at Leeward Beach in the Turks and Caicos
Luxury villa construction at Leeward Beach.

Bermuda is notable for (a) payroll tax, (b) property tax, (c) restrictions on foreign land ownership, (d) a low number of international flight connections, (e) restrictions on car ownership, and a number of other freedom-impacting local laws. Furthermore, the population density is nearly 16 times that of the Turks and Caicos (3,302 persons per square mile compared to 202 in TCI). In addition, there are restrictions on land ownership (for example, holders of PRCs can’t purchase vacant land), and the minimum annual rental requirement for foreigners is $126,000 for a house (less for condo units).

The Bahamas, geographically part of the same archipelago as the Turks and Caicos, became independent in 1973. It since has developed its own currency (the Bahamian Dollar) and imposes both exchange and capital controls on persons taking capital out of the country. For example, individuals spending more than $15,000 in U.S. dollar travel expenditures requires central bank approval. The Bahamas also has a property tax, VAT (10%), and high unemployment (10.06% in 2022).

Barbados has a high income tax (33.5% of income over $17,353 USD, 2023 data), VAT (17.5%), property tax, and a relatively low GDP per capita of $17,225.46 USD (2021 data). The country is also extremely dense from a population standpoint at 1,709 persons per square mile (compared to 207 people per square mile in the Turks and Caicos).

The British Virgin Islands has limited international flight connections (9 international cities as of 2019) and restrictions on foreign land ownership. In addition, there is a multi-tiered level of citizenship and status system whereby persons born outside of the islands may not obtain full status within the country. The purchase of land by foreigners is restricted, and requires approval from the Governor, and notice of intent to purchase in local newspapers (to give local people the option to purchase instead), and is generally limited to one parcel per purchaser. Overall, the process can take months to complete, if successful.

Benefits of Turks and Caicos

The incredible ocean at Wild Cow Run and Cedar Point on Middle Caicos
The spectacular and unspoiled beaches of Middle Caicos.

The benefits of Turks and Caicos over most other Caribbean countries can be summarized as follows:

  • English speaking,
  • U.S. Dollar,
  • No income/payroll tax,
  • No VAT/sales tax (although high customs duties exist),
  • No restrictions on foreign land ownership,
  • No currency controls and capital restrictions,
  • Good flight connections (20 cities - 2023 data)

In addition, the Turks and Caicos has better infrastructure, a lower crime rate, and a more sustainable Government (a 2023 budget surplus instead of a deficit). Local communities are generally more socially cohesive compared with other Caribbean nations, which was evidenced during the aftermath of hurricanes Irma and Maria.

The GDP of the Turks and Caicos was estimated at $1.14 billion USD in 2022 (World Bank data).

Through its status as a British Overseas Territory, TCI persons have right of abode in the United Kingdom and also qualify for Home rates at UK universities. This allows for more affordable education for those wishing to study in the UK.

Natural and Marine Environment

Apart from the quantitative factors above, one of the major reasons for foreign direct investment is the spectacular marine and natural environment. Providenciales is notably home to the world’s best beach: Grace Bay Beach.

Turks and Caicos, like the Bahamas, is a multi-island archipelago, and this results in extensive wetlands, mangroves, and reefs throughout the islands.

HDI and Minimum Wage

The view of Grace Bay from the east at night
Grace Bay at night.

The Human Development Index (HDI) uses a number of factors, such as income, life expectancy, and education to rank a country on its overall development level. The HDI in Turks and Caicos is classed as Very High at 0.873.

Minimum wage is another interesting metric, as many Caribbean countries have extensive income and wealth inequality. In addition, the cost of living in the Caribbean is higher than in countries such as the United States. This is due to a variety of factors, but is primarily related to the fact that everything (food, fuel, etc.) has to be imported. Several countries in the Caribbean have a minimum wage that is impossible to survive on, and falls short of what anyone would consider a ‘living wage’. This inevitably leads to a massive dichotomy in the local societies, with many of the low-income workers living in unfit shacks and unable to have a decent life. The minimum wage in Turks and Caicos is $8 per hour.

Of the 20 Caribbean countries listed below, it’s worth noting the difference in HDI between British Overseas Territories (BOTs) and independent Caribbean countries. BOTs have an average HDI of .9294 (Very High), whereas independent nations are 0.742. In addition, the average BOTs minimum wage (where present) is $6.48, compared to an average minimum wage of $1.84 in the independent Caribbean countries.

Note: HDI in the table below is from 2018 UN data, except for the BOTs which use 2008 data, the last available date. Minimum wages are shown in U.S. Dollars, and conversions from local currencies, where required, used March 2019 exchange rates.

HDI and Minimum Wages
Country HDI Status Minimum Wage (USD)
Cayman Islands .983 British Overseas Territory $7.20
Bermuda .981 British Overseas Territory -
British Virgin Islands .945 British Overseas Territory $6.00
U.S. Virgin Islands .894 U.S. Territory $10.50
Turks and Caicos .873 British Overseas Territory $8.00
Anguilla .865 British Overseas Territory -
Montserrat .821 British Overseas Territory -
The Bahamas .807 Independent $6.50
Barbados .800 Independent $4.21
Trinidad and Tobago .784 Independent $2.58
Antigua and Barbuda .780 Independent $3.04
St Kitts and Nevis .778 Independent $3.33
Cuba .777 Independent $0.44
Grenada .772 Independent $1.67
St Lucia .747 Independent $0.46
Dominican Republic .736 Independent $1.14
Jamaica .732 Independent $0.56
St Vincent .723 Independent $1.16
Dominica .715 Independent $1.48
Haiti .498 Independent $0.41

International Flights

A frequently overlooked aspect when choosing where to invest is international flight connections. Notably, the Providenciales International Airport (PLS) has more international connections than any of the other British Overseas Territories, and overall in the Caribbean ranks at a respectable #7 out of 20 countries.

Data in the table below is for international flights (excludes domestic flights).

International Flights
Country Airport # Connections
Dominican Republic PUJ - Punta Cana 48 cities
Cuba HAV - Havana 39 cities
Jamaica MBJ - Montego Bay 37 cities
The Bahamas NAS - Nassau 28 cities
Trinidad and Tobago POS - Port of Spain 24 cities
Antigua ANU 23 cities
Turks and Caicos PLS - Providenciales 20 cities
Barbados BGI - Bridgetown 21 cities
Cayman Islands GCM - Grand Cayman 20 cities
U.S. Virgin Islands STT - St Thomas 15 cities
Haiti PAP - Port au Prince 14 cities
St Kitts and Nevis SKB - St Kitts 10 cities
Grenada GND 8 cities
British Virgin Islands EIS - Beef Island/Tortola 7 cities
Bermuda BDA - Hamilton 7 cities
St Vincent and the Grenadines SVD 7 cities
Dominica DOM 7 cities
St Lucia SLU 6 cities
Anguilla AXA 3 cities
Montserrat MNI 1 city

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