Bellefield Landing harbour on North Caicos Bellefield Landing on a calm day.
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Bellefield Landing

North Caicos
Bellefield Landing in the Turks and Caicos
The port of Bellefield Landing, North Caicos.

Located on the central west side of North Caicos, Bellefield Landing functions as the main industrial port for both North Caicos and Middle Caicos (which are joined by a causeway). The port is also the North Caicos landing location for the Providenciales - North Caicos ferry services.

Due to sand naturally filling in the channel between Parrot Cay and North Caicos, it’s becoming increasingly difficult to navigate into Sandy Point Marina. In the past, Sandy Point Marina was the primary ferry port on the island. However, Bellefield Landing now welcomes all ferries, and it's unlikely that the services will return to Sandy Point.

This port is located close to the settlement of Kew and Wade's Green Plantation.

At this time, a large quantity of broken-down industrial and agricultural machinery has been collected at this site for export for scrap.

Dick Hill Creek and Bellefield Landing Pond Nature Reserve

Dawn at the mangroves of the Dick Hill Creek Nature Reserve
Mangroves at the Dick Hill Creek and Bellefield Landing Pond Nature Reserve.

Directly adjacent to the north of the port is the Dick Hill Creek and Bellefield Landing Pond Nature Reserve (NR15). Consisting largely of tidal channels and transitional marine mangrove flats, this 975 acre (395 hectare) protected area is a prime habitat for large wading birds, the endangered West Indian whistling duck, lemon sharks, and turtles.

During the Loyalist plantation days, the Bellefield Landing and nearby Kew area on North Caicos was the most important region for agriculture in the country. Within a few miles of the port were the cotton plantations of Wade’s Green, Lewhy Moore, Teren Hill, Street Wall, St. James, and Mount Pleasant. Wade’s Green is the only site still visited as a tourist attraction, the others have long since been overtaken by the dense vegetation.

Channel and Dredging

In 2007, a 2-mile (3.2 km) channel was dredged from the cut between Dellis Cay and Parrot Cay to Bellfield Landing to facilitate larger vessels. Portions of this channel had concrete sidings, much have which has since fallen into disrepair. There are currently plans to re-dredge the channel.