A school of yellow jacks in the Turks and Caicos.
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Salt Cay Fishing


Fishing on Salt Cay is one of its popular activities, especially deep-sea fishing for game fish. Common species are yellow fin tuna and the Mahi-Mahi (dolphin fish).

There's two local companies which offer fishing excursions based in Salt Cay, and additional fishing companies are on the nearby capital island of Grand Turk.

Most trips are half or full day trips. One of Salt Cay's many restaurants (if you wish) can prepare your catch for dinner.


The shallow waters in the channel at South Creek is suitable for fly-fishing and is the only real decent spot on the island for fishing without a boat.

Fishing Licenses

Whether you're fishing alone or on an organized trip, you'll require a fishing license. This is normally arranged by your charter company, but ensure that you are in possession of a valid fishing license, which can be purchased for a day or 30 days.

Local Businesses