Swimmers at the annual Race for the Conch event. Photo by Brilliant.
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The Race for the Conch Eco-Seaswim is a 1 and 2.4 mile (1.6 and 3.7 km) competitive swimming event.

Organized by local tour provider Caicu-Naniki, the Swim for the Conch is open for swimmers of all ages and skills levels. A special 100 meter race is held for those 12 and under.

Fins, paddles and wetsuits are not permitted throughout the race (along with tech-suits banned by FINA-International Swimming Federation). Any swim stroke is allowed, but you must not interfere with other swimmers. Swimmers with special needs can request to use special devices to aid in swimming.

The Swim for the Conch is normally held in July each year, in the Grace Bay Beach area. For details on registration, visit their website.

The race is off!