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Turtle Rock at night.

Interesting Turks and Caicos Landscapes

Floating Sand at Halfmoon Bay Lagoon

Floating sand at Half Moon Bay Lagoon, Turks and Caicos. This phenomenon sometimes occurs on windless days during an incoming tide. Air bubbles remain attached to porous sand grains and cause little patches of sand to float as the water rises.

Middle Caicos Oasis

Although rather scarce, brackish ponds such as this palm oasis on Middle Caicos can be found at a few locations in the Turks and Caicos.

Mangrove Wetlands at Night

Mangrove wetlands at the west end of Chalk Sound National Park at night.

Pigeon Pond

This landlocked saline pond is found on the remote west side of Providenciales in the Frenchmans Creek and Pigeon Pond Nature Reserve. The site is a haven for bird life.

Providenciales Salt Flats

This natural salt flat on Providenciales suggests what the salinas of Grand Turk, Salt Cay and South Caicos may have looked like before development.

West Harbour Bluff at Night

The coastline of West Harbour Bluff, Providenciales at night.

East Caicos Pond

An inland saline pond on East Caicos.

Chalk Sound Ironshore

Rugged limestone ironshore at Long Cay (Providenciales) in Chalk Sound National Park.

Mangrove Bank

Mangrove bank and channels in the Frenchmans Creek and Pigeon Pond Nature Reserve, Providenciales.

Red Saline Wetlands

This hyper-saline pond is found in the North West Point Pond Nature Reserve on Providenciales.

Dried Pond

Dried pond and salt-resistant vegetation in the Frenchmans Creek and Pigeon Pond Nature Reserve, Providenciales.

Lorimer's Point

Low coastal vegetation at Lorimer's Point, East Caicos.

Thatch Palm Forest

Thatch palm forest on Middle Caicos. This often-unappreciated and hardy native palm is typically replaced by imported plants in landscaping.

Salt Pond

Salt at Pigeon Pond, Providenciales.