Ambergris Cay in the Turks and Caicos Islands Ambergris Cay is a private island on the south-eastern edge of the Caicos Banks.
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Ambergris Cay Resort

Ambergris Cay
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Ambergris Cay is an isolated private island, and Ambergris Cay resort provides a exclusive and luxury experience that is quite unique, with a high level of service. Transit to the island is via small aircraft. The cay is excellent for those seeking a beautiful natural setting, privacy, and a very curated stay.
5-star rating for Ambergris Cay Resort by Visit Turks and Caicos Islands
Villa at the Ambergris Cay Resort in the Turks and Caicos
The beachfront one-bedroom villas at the Ambergris Cay Resort.

Ambergris Cay Resort is a boutique and luxury all-inclusive resort on the private island of Ambergris Cay in the Turks and Caicos. The defining features of this retreat are privacy and seclusion amidst an incredible setting.

The accommodations at the Ambergris Cay Resort are standalone villas rather than the conventional hotel building. The resort features a central restaurant, reception, and the Elevate Spa. The Club House, which offers light dining fare and drinks, is located a bit more to the south. The beachfront villa suites at the resort also include 24-hour room service dining.

Accommodation choices range from intimate one-bedroom villa suites, to larger three and four-bedroom homes. Guests have the use of their own golf cart to explore the island and access the many amenities, which include tennis courts, water sports equipment, an outdoor ‘fitness trail’ with various equipment along its path, and many highly scenic spots to explore.

The waters surrounding Ambergris Cay are exceptional for many water sports, including bonefishing and reef fishing, kayaking and paddleboarding, and kiteboarding.

The Turks and Caicos Collection

Elevate Spa at the Ambergris Cay Resort
Elevate Spa at the Ambergris Cay Resort.

The Turks and Caicos Collection, a resort group that has taken over management of the Ambergris Cay Resort in recent years, specializes in all-inclusive resorts.

On the island of Providenciales, the group oversees the Alexandra Resort on Grace Bay Beach and Blue Haven Resort at Leeward. Both Providenciales properties blend a great setting and fine dining, with complimentary access across all three sites for guests staying at any one of the properties.

Ambergris Cay

The island of Ambergris Cay is a unique gem in the Turks and Caicos, due to both its incredible vistas, and the populations of endemic and endangered local species that live there. The cay has a total landmass of about 1000 acres (404 hectares), with a wide array of terrains, including high hills, dunes, and beaches.

Golf carts and bicycles at Ambergris Cay
Guests staying at Ambergris Cay Resort have the complimentary use of golf carts and bicycles.

Ambergris Cay is a nature lover’s paradise. The island is home to the largest populations of Turks and Caicos Islands rock iguanas and the Turk’s Head cacti in the country: both of which are icons of local flora and fauna. There’s also significant numbers of two unique and tiny boas: the rainbow boa, and the Caicos boa, which is the world’s smallest constricting snake.

Ambergris Cay combines many varied beaches and coastlines. The east coast beaches, due to their constant exposure to the eastern trade winds, are rugged and windswept, and the western beaches are calm and sheltered, with shallow water. Picturesque limestone coastlines also line the island at many spots.

Little Ambergris Cay

The uninhabited nature reserve island of Little Ambergris Cay is found not far from Ambergris Cay. Although it’s nearly the size of its larger counterpart, Little Ambergris Cay primarily consists of beaches and marine wetlands.

Some of the finest sandbar systems lead off the western and northern edges of Little Ambergris Cay, marking these spots some of the most scenic in the Turks and Caicos. The cay rarely see visitors, yet charters can be arranged through Ambergris Cay Resort, which can be complete with picnic lunches.

Getting to Ambergris Cay

Piper Navajo at the Harold Charles International Airport on Ambergris  Cay
The Turks and Caicos Collection Piper Navajo PA31 at the Harold Charles International Airport on Ambergris Cay.

The primary way for most guests to get to Ambergris Cay is via small island hopper aircraft. The Turks and Caicos Collection has its own Piper Navajo PA31, which is mainly used for transit between the Atlantic Aviation FBO at the Providenciales International Airport (PLS) and the Harold Charles International Airport on Ambergris Cay.

The Harold Charles International Airport is quite small, yet is probably the nicest in the Turks and Caicos! Resort staff are typically waiting upon aircraft arrival to whisk guests away via golf carts to their villas.

Stays at the Ambergris Cay Resort typically include the highly-scenic flights to and from Providenciales.


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