The mangroves of Major Hill Cay.
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Major Hill Cay

Turks and Caicos
Major Hill Cay consists of a combination of mangrove wetlands and low-elevation sandy brushlands.

Major Hill Cay is a small and low-lying uninhabited island, and is found close off of North Caicos in the Bottle Creek lagoon.

The cay is part of the East Bay Islands National Park.

Consisting mainly of red mangrove wetlands, the cay has no significant beaches to speak of. Total land mass is about 240 acres (97 hectares), yet not all of this is dry at high tide.

The sheltered channel that separates Major Hill Cay from North Caicos offers great kayaking, as it’s protected from the regular east-southeast trade winds.

Protected Area

As in all protected areas in the Turks and Caicos, It is illegal to take or harm any animal, plant, natural item, or historical artifact. This includes seashells, animals, plants and flowers, coral, and sand. Littering and vandalism is against the law and punishable by fines and/or imprisonment.

View of Greenwich Creek near Major Hill Cay and Bay Cay
Greenwich Creek near Major Hill Cay.